Natural stones and home decoration: A perfect combination

Home decoration can always be given a nice definition with natural stones such as marble, granite or travertine, etc. To create a boundless and attractive appearance within the home, it is always preferred to go with these excellent selections. These stones are not only available in remarkable shades, but also you will become an admirer of patterns of these natural stones.

A granite countertop or marble backsplash can definitely give a classic look to your kitchen and bathroom. Again, for flooring too, these natural stones are just perfect. So, let us have a look how these natural stones are going to make our living-place more pleasurable.

  • Marble: Marble has always possessed an exotic appearance and flooring done with marble tiles can surely give you a nice interior. Besides charming colors, veining on the marbles is also able to make your living-place more glamorous. This stone is perfect for designing fireplace or countertops.
  • Travertine: Both for interior and exterior flooring, travertine is known to be one of the popular natural stones to the homeowners and interior designers. To give the outdoor an outstanding appearance, it is always preferred to opt with Travertine flagstones, copings or ledgerstones. This natural stone can be combined with glass or metal and there is no doubt that this will make the exterior more effective. Again, this stone can be available in some well-defined shades such as cream, brown, pink and copper and one can surely select the best among these colors.

  • Slate: Dealing with Slate pavers has always been proven to be awesome for the exteriors. Slate tiles are hugely being used for flooring, wall cladding, etc. The colorful patterns are always ready to give the best appearance to the outdoors and indoors. Blue, gray, brown, pink, etc are some exceptional colors which will surely convert your living areas into a dream place.


  • Limestone: This is another popular natural stone which is broadly used in industrial as well as in residential places. Countertops with limestone will always give a striking appearance to your kitchen. While you are renovating your bathroom, then also you can go with limestone mosaic. The colors and patterns of limestone will surely give your living areas a comfortable look.
  • Onyx: This semi-precious stone is widely applied in various business areas. These are suited for designing charming countertops such as bartops, etc. This stone also looks nice with the combination of glass, metal, etc.

Apart from having charming appearances, those natural stones are easy to maintain and durable too.


Distinctive design ideas with translucent onyx slabs – change your approach today

Bigger and better:

The stock of translucent onyx tiles is being more and more on the list. Now, people can get an unbelievable collection of these slabs. It will fit with any kind of house patterns. If your house has a contemporary, rural, urban, vintage or ancient outlook, then you can choose this astonishing category. The natural stone based designs can inspire you’re being from the back of the mind. Often people want to know about decorating a huge hall. This has an answer as well. If you explore the catalog, then you can see some pubs, bars, and other commercial space decoration. The huge slabs with perfect cabinets, tables, and other details are looking extraordinary in those places. This slab is applicable in the guest bathroom, private bathroom, dining room, bedroom and other spaces as well.


  • If you are choosing any of the translucent onyx tiles, then you must follow some tips.
  • Perfect lighting is the basic criterion of this tile decoration.
  • Modern LED lights look better.
  • You can create backlit with the LED lights. This backlit idea would create more empathy indeed.
  • Some mirror would look phenomenon on this tile.
  • You can create a perfect Jacuzzi surrounding with these marbles and some flower vases at the corners.
  • The tiles can set a low maintenance backsplash for kitchens as well.