Travertine Tiles Are Eco-friendly As It Is Made From Natural Stone

Travertine tiles are made from natural stone. They are basically made of limestone. The people installing the stones feel it very easy to cut it according to shape. There are many colors and veins patterns available in the market. The professional workers decorate the flooring with these stones and add some golden color metal to give a grand look. They are used for backsplashes in kitchen and bathroom.  They can be used for countertops as it is heat resistant by nature. It is better to seal the tiny holes so that any chemical cannot enter into the stone. The sealants have to be used at regular intervals to maintain the stone for a lifetime.


Swimming pool or spa looks changes when travertine tiles are used. Whether it is light or dark color these stone give the best looks. The look of the room changes when these tiles are installed. Professionals are hired for installing these tiles. Cutting these stones is an art as this is a natural stone. People liking eco-friendly materials surely will like this travertine tiles. There is a wide range of colors and patterns available in the market. There are many websites displaying the tile. It is better to buy more quantity of tiles to compensate the wastage while installing.


Get An Extraordinary Look With Herringbone Mosaic

Herring fish has the bones in the shape of `V`. This pattern is followed in many of the decors. The furniture or tiles follow this pattern to give an astonishing look. The herringbone mosaics are made from many materials. Steel tiles are also available with this pattern. These tiles can be put in the middle and decorate the borders to give a designer look. The glossy and matte finish gives an extraordinary look. The tile designers give light and dark shades to give glitzy effect. It can be used for residential or commercial places. There is a calm atmosphere around when this pattern is used.

 Herringbone mosaic gives a marvelous look with different colors. Putting contrast colors makes the flooring or wall decorative. Ceramic, porcelain, marble or granite has this pattern. The pattern looks weaved together and the `V` shapes are placed closely under each other. The bone or the herring fish without the middle vertical line forms this design. The backsplashes of kitchen and bathroom use this pattern to give more décor. If a small part of the wall is having this pattern, this whole part is highlighted. The colors are chosen according to the customers taste. Dark colors or light colors, the looks of this pattern are completely different from other tiles.



Marble For Bathroom Is The best Choice

Marble is a natural stone which is found in the earth crust. The main composition of this stone is limestone. It can be used at any part of the house. It adds an aesthetic effect to the house. Flooring and walls look good with it. The people interested in good interiors use it to the kitchen and bathrooms. It is best for fewer traffic areas. Normally commercial buildings do not use marble for bathroom as it may prove to be costly and is hard to maintain. It is porous and catches stains faster. It is better to wash off the stains as soon as it is caused.

Tumbled and honed marble are the varieties used for the bathroom. Marble for bathroom has to be polished after installing. A shining surface gives the best visual effect. It has to be washed regularly with soft detergents. The stains have to be scrubbed, if left for a long time the stone absorbs it. During summer also this stone is cool and gives a soothing effect to the house. As it is natural many eco-friendly lovers use this stone for interiors. An elegant look to the bathroom is got naturally by this. If sealed properly it is the best backsplash tile.