Reading by the warmth of the stone fireplace on those freezing nights

Those little pleasures like the warmth of the fire in winter matter so much. And what better surrounding for the crackling flames, but rough cut natural stone. Natural stone occurs in several colors too. The rustic surrounding does remind of the days when people lived closer to nature. Before technology took over. Let both worlds exist side by side, anyway.

What about a jutting stone-layered fireplace from floor to ceiling, with a mantel above that contains a picturesque painting? Would it be better to have a cut-out for the woodpile instead of the mantel? Consider a slate hearth that contrasts so sharply with the furniture of yellow and gold though the walls are gray.

Say it with a large mirror perhaps to make everything bigger instead of books, photographs, and paintings? Greenery in the room works wonders too and intensifies that rustic touch with a togetherness of nature. A series of health-giving plants like aloe vera perhaps.

Did you know that fireplaces fit in just anywhere, bedroom and kitchen, living room and gazebo? Choose which one suits best. Antique furniture highlights that distant rustic look. White walls and brown furniture could contrast with those light-colored stone blocks of uneven surfaces. Try cobblestone and an amazing display space above for astounding effects. Cultured stone is lighter, easier to install. Shocking oranges and greens in furniture, if so preferred!


Give Importance To Wall colors, here are some unique ideas

When we think about home improvement it is better to finish it. There may be a necessity of taking a small loan. Small alterations increase the resale value of the house. Increasing the appeal of the house with simple and affordable ways surely increases the value. If the paint has become dull then it is better to repaint it to make the house look bright. Select pleasant color inside the house. Dark colors absorb the light and the rooms look dull.

<h2>What needs to be done?</h2>

There may be some floor and wall problems which may have to be repaired. If there are major cracks then it has to be filled and plastered so that it does not increase with water or other damages. The rooms should not have any mold or fungus formations. If it is a humid place then there are more chances of fungus formation.


Rooms can be planned with better beds and mattresses. The walls can be painted or wallpaper can be stuck. Walls and flooring should be well maintained to give a pleasant feeling in the room. Putting curtains on the window or door gives a cozy feeling while sleeping. If there is an attached bathroom in the bedroom then it is very necessary to keep it clean.