How Flooring with the natural stone in the modern era creates Exclusivity

Marble is a natural stone with different patterns of streaks on it which gives an exquisite look. Marble flooring is one of the most sophisticated floorings to embed in a home and offices. Marble tiles come in a wide range of colors with streaks makes a unique and beautiful feature. With the differences in streaking patterns, marbles can be differentiated from one another. Marble stone can be installed on flooring, tables, showers, fireplace, and offices which is easy to clean and gives you a striking look.

bathroom with nature

The charm of Marble flooring can never be overshadowed ever which make it more demanding. It is used most largely as a building material. Depending on the type and variation of marble chosen can add charm and fashion to any kind of a place. The big range of marble colors and types available allows you to mix and match and create distinctive patterns on floors which give dramatic look. Irrespective of color combination you prefer to install, marble adds an elegant impact wherever it is placed. Stones can be classified into blocks, tiles, and slabs. Seeking knowledge beforehand and Check on variations of marble stones might help you before getting marble flooring done in the home or workplace make you decide the appropriate marbles for the desired place.


Marble flooring with key features:

# Marble impact on the interiors is highly eye appealing.

# Marble flooring is long lasting and can take bulky stuff.

# Marble flooring gives a royal look and is scratch resistant.

# Marbles are soft and tend to cracks. Adhesives have to be used to make the surface strong and solid and to avoid cracks.

# Pick any desired marble of your choice and it will be remarkable in any area.

# Marbles used for flooring comes in various colors with regular and irregular veining on it.

 As Marble is a natural stone proper care and maintenance is required to maintain its shine.  Marble flooring care related points are listed below:

 # to prevent from losing shine and turning yellow, marble floor must be periodically polished in terms of 6 to 12 months.

# applying a sealer is must as marble has high absorbency of stains.

# Coasters under liquid cans should always use to prevent stains of acidic substances like juices, sodas etc.

# Dust or Mopping regularly is to be done.


Changing Living Room According to your Taste

The mind always needs change. It would be very nice to change the locations of the furniture or change to new ones to make life interesting. Making some changes in the living room gives a fresh feeling and this transforms the old form of the room. The accessories can be replaced and the decors can be changed to update the living room. Here are some tips:

Metallic Decors


Some metallic decorating items give a sparkle. The decors added may not be completely metallic but some shining tiles also add elegance. Glass Mosaic Tile with metallic particle infused would look glamorous to the fire surround. The furniture can be shifted closer to the hearth to give a focus to the fireplace. If there are some wooden framed wall hangings, it could be changed to metallic like gold or silver frames. Mirror decors also give the shine or sparkle to the décor.

Add colors

ventro gray porcelain

Neutral color may be your liking but adding a pop color in between gives a ray of energy into the room. Painting the walls in a different color would change the description of the room. One wall can be painted with a bright color to give a change to the whole space. Wall hangings with fresh flower paintings would bring life into. Adding pillows on to the sofa and putting curtains to the windows also makes it more colorful. Put slipcovers on to the chair and the sofa to give a quick change.

Natural Decors

gray glossy subway

A serene feeling of warmth is added to the room by natural textures and fabrics. Jute or natural fiber carpets add an extra cushion to the feet. Indoor plants, shells and pebbles can be infused into the accessories to give a beautiful look.

Personalize Décor


Taste of everyone changes. Some like sports, musical instruments, painting or just nature. Bring out the liking on the walls by adding pictures of instruments, musicians, sportsmen, celebrities or local landscapes. This exhibits your taste and you would like the décor through your life.

The living room is a place where we relax after a stressful day. Our friends and family too will share this space. It is very important to decorate it carefully. If the budget is small then small changes can be made. But if you can really spend some money then you can make more changes to make the room a beautiful place to relax.


Wow designs of porcelain floor tiles to set the heart racing

With each New Year come several innovative designs to inspire interior decoration! Check out our fresh and enticing tile collections. Unified inside and outside design trends is one approach popular through 2017 along with novelty patterns and textures. Brick and concrete versions have changed while wood look tile floors continue to be immensely prevalent.

Our diverse tile options suit many styles of décor. Technology has been an ally and inkjet printing reaches far deep in porcelain tiles to create the most profound impressions. The images are extremely long lasting and absolutely realistic.  The Floor Visualizer would help imagine the effects of installing these tiles. Read about a few of the best.


Red Brickstone Porcelain

The accurate representation of retrieved brick comes to you with Red Brickstone Porcelain. The reds, browns, and creams are mesmeric.  Traditional masonry has adopted new looks in the 2017 trends. Industrial, cottage, and classic designs look very attractive in them. Different from real brick, our porcelain tile does not require sealing, being water resistant and easy to maintain clean.


Carolina Timber White Wood Look Tile


It is a permanent fetish to judge by popularity and wood look porcelain tile is ever trendy.  This year is witnessing plenty of whites and off-white shades to set up those dreamy environments for relaxation and entertainment. What you get are natural looking planks that copy real hardwood. The gray and white floors look vivid indeed and blend in so well with the cabinets and the walls.

Cream Livingstyle Porcelain

Contemporary living often uses minimalist designs while some want bold and rich colors. Why not install a simple relaxing space to work off the stresses? Cream Livingstyle Porcelain comes in several different sizes and suits floors and backsplashes, shower surrounds and other applications.


Cream Optima Porcelain


Another option for the minimalist style, Cream Optima Porcelain in matte or polished finishing is another fabulous choice. Match it with several colors or set it up as a powerful backdrop to the other creative design elements.


Grigio Porcelain

Copying natural stone, the Watercolor collection Grigio Porcelain has natural gray and is available in several sizes. Maybe narrow planks or 12×24 tiles would suit your need. The matte finish ensures a non-skid quality and that would be good for wet areas.

Upscape Bruno Wood Look Tile

Better than the beloved hardwood, install Upscape Bruno Wood Look Tile on the walls and the floors. No water or scratches would bother you.

Go with the flow and embrace florals or shag carpets. Be practical and reap the benefits of technology.


Why is Ceramic the most tenable option for floors?

People should have a right overview on the floor tiles before selecting any specific item. A wrong implementation may pull out the drama in a negative way and you may bother the flaw for years. Therefore, keeping your head peaceful and exploring the right showcase is two mandatory things for house design.


The fact:

There must be many categories of floor tiles. Yet the fact is, Ceramic is the safest selection for the floor. The layout, pattern, texture, finish, and material everything is made for the floors. Experts say that choosing ceramic tile is like taking George Clooney in a film. It means the product would reach at a standard position with a guarantee.

white oak

General problems:

As the floor tiles have many categories, therefore, people can’t judge the best category. Some of the colors have attracted or some of the textures have pulled the attention of the buyers. Yet, balancing every aspect of a floor tile is important. The ceramic tiles are very good in maintaining a satisfying standard on its color, shape, and texture. After throwing out every tile category from the list, you may draw some more problems. Which ceramic tile pattern would be the best? Which one would suit at what place? In this action, people are causing great loss indeed. Therefore some suggestions are enlisted to save you from a bigger loss.

  1. Straight Lay pattern – the straight and clean lines of the tiles make any space very specific. If you planned a simple decoration idea with fewer accessories, furniture, and humdrum, then the straight lay pattern would be the best for that place. Essential Ceramic or larger bricks of Calypso Ceramic are suggested.
  2. Diagonal – the diagonal patterns would be an intelligent option for the floor. The widest angles that have been installed in 45 degrees increase the size of a small space visually. Sygma or Sonoma can create the best graphics around the kitchen, store room, study or little balconies.
  3. Running Bond – the grout lines are the heroes of the category. Running Bond pattern is one of the most popular tiles of the modern industry. Its hardwood look and long lasting ability make great pair for decorating the bathroom. The Belmond Ceramic Tile can be exclusive for the shower surround.
  4. Checkboard – this pattern is a sophisticated and classy option for the category. If you planned to decorate your bedroom with classic white marble tiles, then classy larger bricks Sonoma would be the simplest option.
  5. Basketweave – the traditional item doesn’t run out of the competition. It maintains its standard and that’s why people are still behind the BasketWeave tiles. This can be placed in the bedroom or dining.

Video Ideas Come Your Way to Create Dream Bathrooms

People dislike it when the home gets obsolete in terms of colors, designs, and materials. A couple took it to heart so much that they stopped throwing parties and inviting friends over. Earlier, their dinner parties were much talked about. Though the budget was available, the updates never really happened. When she landed a swell job in California, the opportunity arrived, but it was a buyer’s market.

The investment had to be protected and that was non-negotiable. The kitchen and bathroom underwent a remodeling and the home was listed. Things happened successfully eventually, though it was a difficult schedule and the family lived a 6-monthly bi-coastal lifestyle. Home improvement plans get rather hectic but are rather rare. Some families keep making changes like demolishing walls to express their imagination rather regularly! Visions need to be implemented after all.

Tools that Help the Selection Process

Facing too many choices like an assortment of pretty surfaces can be tricky. Get specific about what you want. Do you feel doubtful about designs? Would you rather choose the classic and elegant or the down-to-earth and practical? Do you want the high-drama and glamor, or simply the modern?

We have put together a ledger panel installation Video to assist the process of identifying the best choices and ease the selection process. The video brings new trends and design tips. Find a multitude of dazzling bathroom ideas or ledger panel installation process along with maintenance secrets. Peek at the Kitchen Surface Selection Video too, for more inspiration.

Inspiration for night and day

Spirits are uplifted when you glance at the deluxe polished marble when it is Grecian White Herringbone Pattern. Dream baths come to life with all the trends on Houzz and Pinterest, and HGTV too. Hello to the wood look tile and white marble look quartz, and the subway tile. Our designing and modeling teams are constantly at work to feed the customer’s fantasies. Some questions do arise like the current looks and the stability of the material. What about budgets and maintenance?

Imagine This and That, and everything between

Designing with Black Oak Marble tile on the floor and around the shower is a serious contrasting business.

Do check out the Bathroom Visualizer. Try out those favorites by aligning countertops, flooring, and wall/backsplash tile with a variety of cabinets. Enjoy the process and order for samples if uncertainty remains. Find further bathroom remodeling ideas with our Top 5 Design Trends and the Pinterest board.



Subway Tiles are Classic and get matched Any Decor

It’s a pleasure to be creative when interior designing or remodeling is taking place. The creativity should be trendy and match to any type of décor. Remodeling takes more budget as countertops, flooring and backsplash tiles are more costly. This process cannot be repeated after few years. It is always better to choose durable tiles.


To acquire both elegance and trendy ideas use Subway Backsplash Tile. Classic subway tiles are the all-time favorite but they are reinterpreted with trendy ideas. These tiles are made from shining crystalline glass to make it look trendier. Beveled edges and sporting raised are the present tiles. Here are some of the details of the subway tiles found in the market.

Subway Tiles with Modern Elegance

gray glossy subway

Backsplash tiles protect the wall and give a décor to the kitchen. Gray Glisten Subway Tile

Has a gentle touch of silver and looks like a mirror. This is so trendy that it does not go out of fashion for a few more years. Many tiles are mimicking of the past but giving a contemporary touch to it makes it completely different.  These reflective tiles give a modern touch.


When you want to have a high-end kitchen then white kitchens are preferred. This gives an air of peace, away from the stress life. Classic White Subway Tile can be replaced with Ice Glass Subway Tile. This would be the perfect replacement. Instead of a plain tile, this gives a reflective surface which gives a sparkle. They act like décor in the kitchen.

Designers Add More Beauty

Instead of using the old type of 3“x 6“tiles there are 4×12 tiles designed. Metallic Gray Glass Subway Tile is elongated and reflects light. It gives a dark background which reflects the under cabinet lighting. These tiles can be installed like bricks, vertically or herringbone pattern.

For bathrooms, subway tiles are the best as they can be cleaned easily. They are always related to hygiene and cleanliness. Instead of pure white, a tint of gray is added. Under the crystalline surface, there is the white porcelain. This Arctic Ice Subway Tile looks classic but is purely trendy.

White subway tiles around the shower are an old fashion. It is easy to clean and is durable with all the splashing and wiping. To give a modern look to this White Subway Tile Beveled 3×6 is used which is 3-D and has a luxury touch.


Hardscape with natural stone and pebbles

Front lawn or backyard looks great with a perfect hardscape planning. The décor of the house increases with this natural extension. It is a great way of enjoying the nature. Many functions can take place here with style. If decorated with natural stone there is an extension of the landscape in the outdoor environment. The people of the house, guests, children, and elders surely will welcome the nature into their daily routine. There are many types of hardscaping goals.

tuscany porcini

Natural Stone Pavers

 Pavers add more beauty to the backyard. Natural stones are used for the pool decks and patios. They are naturally cool and thus very suitable for tropical places. There are finishes like tumbled, honed and chipped edges. There are different types of thickness available for different uses. For pavers, the thickness has to be more to tolerate the traffic and weather conditions. Marble and travertine are best for pathways, pool decks and patios. They are available in creams and beiges. Slate is also used as pavers, available in dark colors like charcoal gray, natural brown, and rust. There is unique texture on the surface which makes this stone perfect for outdoor hardscape. It is perfect for the backsplash, countertop, outdoor kitchen or bar, fireplace, fire pit, and oven.

tuscany walnut

Flagstones are the most durable pavers. There are numerous colors available like gray, rust and soft red giving an earthy appeal. They are the best for fireplace, patios and garden pathways.

Ledger panels Look Natural

Ledger panels give the best look in between nature. There are beige and cream colors with tints of gold, gray and rust highlights. Travertine ledger panels are stylish with attractive textures. They give an elegant and contemporary look. They look trendy when used for waterfall walls, outdoor bar, and building facade. They can be used for backsplashes in the kitchen also. Their natural looks match with nature perfectly and thus is best for exterior hardscaping projects. Many designers use them for interior walls too.


There are thin veneers which are robust enough to tolerate the traffic in the backyard. It gives a beautiful, versatile, durable and colorful décor to the garden. Veneers are the real stone cut into thin tiles. They are lightweight and are of best quality. There are corner pieces available in the market which looks like full sized stone, ledger panels, and many other designs. There are modern or rural decors which will well suit the outdoor cladding applications with good results.


Many of the pavers have matching copings. These make the patio, pool decks, columns, and steps look great. The copings, caps, treads give a finished look. Pebbles give a rich look for the outdoor hardscape. Colored and polished pebbles give a fine décor to the finish. Pebbles protect the soil from getting heated up. It does not allow the growth of weeds and it keeps the water retained. The natural look to the garden with pebbles is incredible.


Get The Best Answers to Premium Natural Quartz Countertops

You cannot beat the Q™ Premium Natural Quartz countertops! They grace every home surface and yet remain a mystery. Homeowners do not know enough about quartz though granite and marble are very much in the news.  Consider several factors to understand why quartz should figure in your home.

white glossy beveled

Q: What is the Quartz Countertop making process?

Quartz is a very common earthly mineral and is super strong too, almost as hard as diamonds. Yet, different from other materials, quartz can create durable countertops. After mining from veins, quartz is ground and mixed with a polymer resin. It results in a hard, non-porous material.


Q: Name the benefits of Quartz Countertops?

The natural shine of quartz is bewitching. Finishing and sealing are not required for the naturally smart quartz surface.

Quartz possesses great style. Quartz counters attract the eye and seem to expand spaces. Black or white quartz would match very well with wall mosaics and patterned cabinets. Some granular patterns are similar to granite.

Kitchens and bathrooms would benefit enormously because quartz is durable, hard and non-porous. They won’t stain and put up with harsh environments well.

A Little cleaning would be required besides the dust and spills being mopped up. Forget sealing, re-polishing, and conditioning.

Bacteria will not grow on the clean, low porous surface. It is very hygienic and household cleaners would be appropriate.


Q: How would Q™ Premium Natural Quartz be diverse from other natural quartz?

The process of manufacture of quartz countertops differs.  Some processes involve the addition of glass or natural stone products to the resin. That results in pigment changes. Some manufacturers combine antibacterial elements. The quartz-resin proportions also vary. Q™ Premium Natural Quartz countertops have above 90% quartz content and you have the confidence of a lifetime residential warranty. The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) certifies our quartz as a green choice.

  • It is absolutely certain that Q Premium Natural Quartz surfaces have lower emissions and create sustained healthy interior surroundings in the homes or offices.
  • Spores and pesticides besides chemicals are very much reduced indoors.
  • Greater safety for the family and environmental sustainability waits.

If you are undecided which countertop to install in the crowded and hectic home environment, the answer is natural quartz. Q™ Premium Natural Quartz countertops are available in a great variety of choices ranging from catchy, solid modern colors to granular designs. Find 23 dramatic patterns or more.

Unique Colored Slabs Of New Venetian Gold Granite

If you want something which has striking colors and versatile, then it is New Venetian Gold Granite. There are tiles and slabs available used for different applications. They are perfect for commercial and residential buildings. They are robust and can be used for exteriors or interiors. It can be used for countertops, backsplashes or on accent walls. At any part of the house like bathroom, kitchen or any other room they are used.

Colors Directly From Nature

This stone is also called as Venetian Gold or Ouro Brazil. This is basically from Brazil with beige and golden tones. The veins are gray, brown or deep red. The beige background makes the stone look bright. If used in small kitchen or bathroom the place appears to be more spacious. The beige color gives a canvas for many other colors like the cabinet, floor tile, and wall paint. It gives a beautiful background for the palette of colors. The gold veins in the stone give a rich look preferred by many homeowners. The veins are so unique that there are all symptoms to tell that it is directly from nature. The combination of colors are selected by Mother Nature and made it evident for making each slab unique.

Resistance For Freezing And Hot Climate

Many builders and homeowners prefer New Venetian Gold as countertops in both residential and commercial buildings. The colors of this stone match with both dark and light colors and make it easy for choosing the tiles for both kitchen and bathrooms. It is having resistance for freezing or hot weather. Though it is a natural stone it gives good performance with less maintenance. It will match any type of décor, colors, patterns or styles. The user is fully liberal to use his choice without any hesitation as there is not much competition for attention. It adapts to any type of space.

Like any other natural stone, the color of New Venetian Granite may vary depending on the elemental factors of formation over millions of years ago. Each slab is unique and the colors are also unique. Each lot has a lot of differences with the other lot. It is better to purchase more than necessary to avoid any shortage. One batch may have more black, gold or beige flecks than the other. It is better to select the slabs according to the color preferred.

How to break the predictable thoughts of glass mosaics?

Glass materials are used from thousand years ago. Many heritage buildings have terracotta and glass works on their architecture. Therefore, the traditional glass material is very popular in all over the earth. Before the age of interior decoration, glass pieces have proved its class. Therefore, interior designers have jumped onto the option. The modern decorators believed that contemporary glass mosaics are the most effective material for making any house attractive.

Though using glass mosaics became very cliché fort same type of application. Mostly, designers are installing the bricks on the sink backsplashes at bathrooms and kitchens. Sometimes, the mixture of pebbles and glass mosaics are creating a different feel, yet it became old as well.

Then what is on trend?


If you want to know the trend of glass mosaics, then you should know several geometric patterns are using nowadays. But, there is some more important news.

  • Glass tiles are available in several formats now.
  • People don’t even need any designer to select the right glass stone for the right place.
  • The viewers can see the bricks in the gallery.
  • The buyers can see the result of applying glass mosaics in bathrooms, kitchens or other places because the past work of the professionals is posted on the website.
  • The glass mosaics are available in various sizes.
  • People can buy little bricks.
  • People can customize their orders.
  • The glass mosaics are able to cater for creative installation.
  • The famous interlocking pattern is available on glass mosaics.
  • People can get the bricks at an affordable rate.
  • Various offers are attached. People shall follow.

These types of features are trending on today’s market. Whatever pattern and size you chose, you should be sure that these options are available on your buying. Thus, you can be satisfied with the quality and rate of the glass tiles.

Some suggestions:

The glass mosaic list is very broad. You can start selecting the Artista interlocking, Black and White Bamboo or Ayres Blend Subway patterns, you must where and how to apply these. The list is decorated with exclusive, subway, interlocking and bamboo patterns and there are many divisions according to the geometry as well as the difference is growing with several blends and mixtures.

The simple suggestion, that can help you, is to avoid the resistance of thoughts. Mostly, people think that should I use Desert Spring mini bricks on walls, what if it comes to intolerable pressure and breaks and etc. these types of thoughts are being old. Now, glass mosaics are unexpectedly durable. It can fit with any design. Owners or designers need to invest the sensibility just.