Natural stones and home decoration: A perfect combination

Home decoration can always be given a nice definition with natural stones such as marble, granite or travertine, etc. To create a boundless and attractive appearance within the home, it is always preferred to go with these excellent selections. These stones are not only available in remarkable shades, but also you will become an admirer of patterns of these natural stones.

A granite countertop or marble backsplash can definitely give a classic look to your kitchen and bathroom. Again, for flooring too, these natural stones are just perfect. So, let us have a look how these natural stones are going to make our living-place more pleasurable.

  • Marble: Marble has always possessed an exotic appearance and flooring done with marble tiles can surely give you a nice interior. Besides charming colors, veining on the marbles is also able to make your living-place more glamorous. This stone is perfect for designing fireplace or countertops.
  • Travertine: Both for interior and exterior flooring, travertine is known to be one of the popular natural stones to the homeowners and interior designers. To give the outdoor an outstanding appearance, it is always preferred to opt with Travertine flagstones, copings or ledgerstones. This natural stone can be combined with glass or metal and there is no doubt that this will make the exterior more effective. Again, this stone can be available in some well-defined shades such as cream, brown, pink and copper and one can surely select the best among these colors.

  • Slate: Dealing with Slate pavers has always been proven to be awesome for the exteriors. Slate tiles are hugely being used for flooring, wall cladding, etc. The colorful patterns are always ready to give the best appearance to the outdoors and indoors. Blue, gray, brown, pink, etc are some exceptional colors which will surely convert your living areas into a dream place.


  • Limestone: This is another popular natural stone which is broadly used in industrial as well as in residential places. Countertops with limestone will always give a striking appearance to your kitchen. While you are renovating your bathroom, then also you can go with limestone mosaic. The colors and patterns of limestone will surely give your living areas a comfortable look.
  • Onyx: This semi-precious stone is widely applied in various business areas. These are suited for designing charming countertops such as bartops, etc. This stone also looks nice with the combination of glass, metal, etc.

Apart from having charming appearances, those natural stones are easy to maintain and durable too.


Make your backyard livelier with excellent designs

Outdoor designing should always be made more elegant with excellent tiles. Outdoor tiles not only make it easier to maintain the whole surface, but this will also make the outdoor space more useful to the homeowners. The backyard of every house can become a lovely place for family members to dine together or for friends to enjoy their holidays. Natural pavers or porcelain tiles will surely add more spice to the outdoor space.

  • To create a modern space it is always recommended to have a contemporary look. Here opting for Tuscany Chocolade Travertine Pavers is definitely a nice idea and this is also available in varied sizes and shapes. This will surely make the backyard extremely sophisticated and will make it rich with beauty. This contemporary travertine is able to give an excellent neutral ambiance.

  • Travertine with traditional appearance: In case the homeowners prefer to have traditional designs, then it will surely be an excellent idea to go with Tuscany Storm Versatile Patterned Travertine. The soft beige and warm designs are able to make your outdoors more elegant than it previously was.

  • Beautiful earthen elements: If you want to keep an earthy touch to your backyard and want to enjoy the old allure, then Earth Slate tile will meet your desire. It will emulate the style of European Café and your visitors will surely become surprised to watch this classic beauty.

  • Go with modern blend: To have modern look it is always preferred to select neutrals. This will add some interesting color pops which will definitely make the space lively. Palmwood Gris Pavers always offer a paver of soft porcelain and will make the seating space modern and excellent. This tile is available with excellent tiles with utmost smoothness. This tile is available in 24 x 24 squares and this is set up in a brickwork model. To decorate the fireplace too, using this style is always extremely helpful.

  • Doing paving: To make the surrounding elegant and well designed, Tuscany Walnut Tumbled Travertine Pavers will give you the best solution. If the outdoors is well facilitated with huge greenery, then paving the way is always the best suggestion. By installation of these pavers, you will relish the vibrant shades of cream, tan, taupe, etc. These shades and colors are always able to complement the furniture within the rooms.

Hence, it is suggested to visit the website of professional home designers and select the best pattern from the floor pattern tool available there.


What to Consider about when Planning Outdoor Patio Surfaces

For some house owners, amazing at-home convenience is definitely on their “must-have” list. But, if your house doesn’t include a pretty talk about, the best fire place, or a built-in cooking, you can even make your own outside haven.

While it’s interesting to begin right away, there are a few critical factors you should think about when developing up locations like travertine pavers or flooring surfaces. Here are some suggestions for making an amazing terrace that is safe and efficient and will last for years to come.

tuscany platinum.jpg

Be clear on design and makeover

Whether you use a professional, or set it up yourself, be sure that your terrace plan fits your needs and your financial cost bracket. Spend locations for particular reasons, like an outdoor terrace dining-room for collecting and eating.

Concentrate over the design using one or two recognizable elements

These could include architectural elements such as an occasion event gazebo, or could highlight design, as with a grid-like clay-based floor. Such primary elements will help figure out the circulation of traffic and where to lay floor. In this terrace, the eye is attracted toward the sitting locations by Petra Well done clay-based pavers, set up in a geometrical design.

Overall House Style

Be sure to consider what works well with both the exterior covering and inner kind of your house. Then choose two or three elements with different designs for your landscape to add interest. For example, this outside kitchen area mixes several items in similar shades, such as the amazing and relaxed beiges and lotions of the Tuscany gold travertine flooring surfaces, textural placed rock, and a shiny back spread.


Pick Top quality Products

It’s essential to choose elements that not only indicate your own style, but also are made for the environment and performance. For example, flooring surfaces with low drinking habits price is durable and prevents breaking in awesome circumstances. Clay, travertine, and status floor are all excellent locations for landscapes, and travertine is also an excellent slide proof place for wet locations such as individual personal private pools.

If price is a problem, remember that sometimes, cost-effective items may not last as lengthy. Choosing a less of high-quality flooring surfaces for a more scaled-down venture will look better and last longer than a larger venture done with regular elements. It’s also best to buy more elements than what you currently need.



Travertine Tiles Are Eco-friendly As It Is Made From Natural Stone

Travertine tiles are made from natural stone. They are basically made of limestone. The people installing the stones feel it very easy to cut it according to shape. There are many colors and veins patterns available in the market. The professional workers decorate the flooring with these stones and add some golden color metal to give a grand look. They are used for backsplashes in kitchen and bathroom.  They can be used for countertops as it is heat resistant by nature. It is better to seal the tiny holes so that any chemical cannot enter into the stone. The sealants have to be used at regular intervals to maintain the stone for a lifetime.


Swimming pool or spa looks changes when travertine tiles are used. Whether it is light or dark color these stone give the best looks. The look of the room changes when these tiles are installed. Professionals are hired for installing these tiles. Cutting these stones is an art as this is a natural stone. People liking eco-friendly materials surely will like this travertine tiles. There is a wide range of colors and patterns available in the market. There are many websites displaying the tile. It is better to buy more quantity of tiles to compensate the wastage while installing.

The sight, touch and feel of travertine tile creations truly amazes

One can never finish appreciating natural stone creations in all their infinite variety. The rustic touch has graced many a home. The tuscany travertine collection is harvested from faraway Turkey. The soothing shades are a variety of golds, beiges, and creams. The colors blend together in the most enigmatic formations. Build an eternal environment to set off the residence or business surroundings. Created by nature within the earthly womb, nothing synthetic could truly match them.

An amazing Tuscany Collection!

The French Versailles Pattern and Listellos are available. Floor tiles, pavers, and pool copings ensure that any size or purpose would be accommodated. Finishing makes a great difference and honed, brushed and tumbled varieties are available.

Some darker and more ornamental shades are represented by Chiaro Pencil Honed, Tuscany Scabas Subway Tumbled, and Tuscany Gold. Customers who prefer the lighter versions could opt for Tuscany Classic Subway Tumbled and Tuscany Walnut. Several varieties of shades within each type make them truly ornamental with a country feel. A soothing atmosphere is the result amidst the goodness of nature and the peace of the village setting. A tuscany travertine setting is truly a piece of heaven upon earth.



Attractive Tiles for remodeling your kitchen

Tiles are the most sought after materials in the construction industry. House owners are looking for creative ways of tiling to décor their interiors. Architects and artists are coming up with new ideas and suggestions to achieve that sought after look. There are is always something new available for everyone given the variety of materials, styles, colours, patterns etc. In the kitchens, tiles are perfectly fine, as it can withstand stains, messes, and spills. Also, it can be maintained easily and it is easy to clean.

In the kitchens, tiles are perfectly fine, as it can withstand stains, messes, and spills. Also, it can be maintained easily and it is easy to clean. Tile for kitchen ought to be of smooth and glossy texture, as this will add elegance to the kitchen. Vibrant and sleek backsplash tile combined with dark countertop will brighten up your kitchen.

A kitchen is a place in a house where you can use different styles, application, and tiles as per your choice. Eye catching backsplash tile for kitchen will give you a vibrant and glossy look altogether. Smooth and glossy tile that goes with the kitchen will not be the same as the flooring tile. Kitchen tiles can be of glass, porcelain, stone, bamboo, vinyl etc. These kitchen tiles are available in different shades, pattern, and sizes as per our requirement. These tiles can be cut easily to go with the desired pattern. Bright colors and patterns are highly suggested for the kitchen as backsplash tiles.


Create Unique Style with Travertine Tiles

To begin with, Travertine tiles, let us first understand the construction material of this tile, travertine is a kind of limestone which is formed around the mineral spring deposits, it is also known as limestone, and in other words, it might also be called as calcium carbonate. Travertine is created the minerals dissolve in the groundwater and rises above the ground. As travertine tiles are available in different style and colors these are a better option for your investment.

The travertine tiles are available in large blocks, these can be cut down to smaller block as per our requirement. With travertine tiles the options available to decorate is endless. Currently, travertine tiles are most popularly used in exteriors, bathrooms, stone floors, etc. The travertine tiles are a mixture of limestone and marble, because of its construction of material and durability these tiles are widely considered and it will suit any purpose.

Travertine tiles are available in a variety of textures and colors and usually, these travertine tiles are available in beige, reddish brown or ivory, which makes it stand apart from the other tile or stone. Golden shades are an added attraction. Polished travertine tiles have a look alike of marble stone. Because the travertine tiles belong to the limestone family the benefits of these tiles are impeccable.