For colourful and dramatic changes to your home use interlocking pattern of tiles

Well in this new year get ready to amuse the guests with ingenuity as well as inventiveness of interlocking pattern of tiles. Such type of tiles are used not only to decorate a private property but also it has been extensively used for commercial purposes. So it can be said that depending upon the location such type of tiles makes powerful style inspirations as well as statement across the population.


According to some studies, the interlocking pattern of tiles has created an immense range of the most striking style statement. Most of the time we decorate the main portions of our house as well as exteriors in darkish colors such as in gray, brown, etc for few reasons, whereas the interiors as soft and light cream. Not anymore. Let’s spread some colors which are not too bright but enough to brighten up the mood. And for such interlocking pattern of tiles are the must.


  • The meshed arrangements provide greater strength.
  • Choose from a wide variety of colors such as from basalt blue bamboo to gold meshed interlocking pattern, from rustic gold color to lighter shades.

So this new year mesmerize your guests with a drastic change in your property which will be stunning as ever.


The esthetic beauty of CHINA BLACK marble tiles startles the senses

Importing the marble all the way from China speaks a lot about its distinctive quality. Many would be attracted to the white, cream, beige and gray colors of marble. Yet black marble represents a glowing masterpiece too. Black would serve the purpose of contrast, carefully arranged with white perhaps that is rather common. Black statements in parts of entrances, accent walls and as borders would create a hallucinatory effect.

Besides, CHINA BLACK marble is outstanding because of durability and minimum maintenance. Exposure to all kinds of weather would bring no problems. Usually, the interiors are decorated with marble. Besides walls and floors, they would do excellently on countertops in kitchens and backsplashes in bathrooms. It tolerates rough treatment amidst washing and withstands lots of footfalls in business premises

A teeming variety of CHINA BLACK marble tiles and blends

Black combines with colors too in magical mosaics and blends. Golden Retriever Polished has black and brown squares. Maybe the China Black Steel Blend Mosaic would be preferred with tiny squares of black, gray and white. China Black Interlocking Mosaic truly presents a dream sequence in stone. China Black with veins preserves the natural contours for an abstract beauty in stone. Henley Hexagon possesses a refined gentleness for formal occasions.


Charm the walls and backsplashes with enchanting interlocking mosaics

The most dramatic and dainty tiles imaginable, interlocking mosaics are truly splendid works of art. Why not install dazzling colors and designs to spruce up the interiors where you spend much of the waking hours at home? A feast for the senses, such collages of different materials like glass, stone and metal blends would decorate business establishments very well too. Clients would go away very pleased with the glittering ambiance, and products and services would sell better.

Would you install them in the living room or maybe the office? Imagine glass mosaics or stainless steel blend backsplashes in the kitchen and bathroom! If they are considered excessively ornate and sensational, they would have to be combined with natural stone, ceramic or porcelain tiles, perhaps as borders. Accent walls, facades and logos would benefit greatly from the magic of interlocking mosaics in a range of diverse materials like quartzite, onyx, metal and marble.

The blues and grays, greens, creams and browns combine in rainbow patterns for a delightful experience. The mesh installed behind the alternating patterns of plains and  artistic images, squares and rectangles of irregular sizes, makes installation easy. The creative designs are most appealing. The mirror like shine of metal and the many-colored luminosity of glass do inspire! Transform interior surroundings to a fairy tale dimension of dazzling tranquility.