Choose The Best Tiles For A Cozy Fireplace

Fireplace in the house is according to the choice of the homeowner. Some prefer it to be in the living room and some in the master bedroom. Many look alike, but using a unique type of tile will make it look different. There are tiles which match with the background and there are contrast colors also. The value of the house increases definitely by remodeling the fireplace. This is the focus point of any living area. It is better to have a pristine looking fireplace with some stylish tiles. The surround, backdrop and hearth of the fireplace have to be installed to give the best look.


Ceramic Tiles: These tiles can be used for the surround or hearth. There are many colors available and it is within the budget. These tiles are used for a plain looking fireplace. PEI rating of the tile should be 4 to 5 for using it for the hearth. These tiles are tough to tolerate the heat.

Porcelain Tiles: These tiles are expensive and more durable than the ceramic tiles. There are tiles which look like natural stone and wood in these tiles. They are tough as stone and are affordable. It is necessary to take the PEI rating 4to 5 for using it for the fireplace.


Granite: This is natural stone, scratch and heat resistant. In natural stone, granite is the strongest for a fireplace. It does not chip or crack and makes the best surround. It is easy to maintain this stone. It gives a special look for the place when installed.

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Marble: They give a luxurious look to the place. It is more appealing with its variety of colors and elegant veins. It is best for both hearth and surrounds.

Slate: Though this natural stone is not as durable as granite, it is popular for its natural variation of color. The varying texture and color give more beauty to the place where it is installed. There are colors like gray, purple, orange and black in slate. They look natural for hearths and surrounds with their elegant color.

Antique tiles: Antique tiles define the fireplace. They are reproductions of the antique tiles. The designs are hand painted, hand-made and some are popular motifs. These tiles are completely different from the tiles available in the market.

The hearth and the surround tiles are the smartest option for any house. This adds to the beauty and keeps the family safe.



Interlocking Mosaics Gives The Best Decor

As the name interlocking mosaics tells these tiles are held together by interlocking. They are just like the jigsaw puzzle where the pieces are held just by pressure and are locked. There are different shapes, sizes, colors and materials available in the market. They are installed just like any other tile on the mortar or adhesive. They are fixed on the ground and also on their sides. Normally there is no filling between the two tiles are they are interlocked. They can be best for the driveways and walkways. Mostly the tiles used for paving are thick and can tolerate the weight of the moving vehicles.

If there is more traffic, interlocking mosaics is the best solution. The tiles and their edges have to be cleaned regularly to keep it neat. There are different shapes available in the market. It is better to hire professionals to install these tiles. Mixing colors in these patterns gives an exclusive look. They are installed on the floor or walls. Residences and commercial places get a good décor with these tiles installed. The value of the place increases when they are used. They are long-lasting and affordable. The ambiance of the place changes when they are used on the floor or wall.

Attractive Tiles for remodeling your kitchen

Tiles are the most sought after materials in the construction industry. House owners are looking for creative ways of tiling to décor their interiors. Architects and artists are coming up with new ideas and suggestions to achieve that sought after look. There are is always something new available for everyone given the variety of materials, styles, colours, patterns etc. In the kitchens, tiles are perfectly fine, as it can withstand stains, messes, and spills. Also, it can be maintained easily and it is easy to clean.

In the kitchens, tiles are perfectly fine, as it can withstand stains, messes, and spills. Also, it can be maintained easily and it is easy to clean. Tile for kitchen ought to be of smooth and glossy texture, as this will add elegance to the kitchen. Vibrant and sleek backsplash tile combined with dark countertop will brighten up your kitchen.

A kitchen is a place in a house where you can use different styles, application, and tiles as per your choice. Eye catching backsplash tile for kitchen will give you a vibrant and glossy look altogether. Smooth and glossy tile that goes with the kitchen will not be the same as the flooring tile. Kitchen tiles can be of glass, porcelain, stone, bamboo, vinyl etc. These kitchen tiles are available in different shades, pattern, and sizes as per our requirement. These tiles can be cut easily to go with the desired pattern. Bright colors and patterns are highly suggested for the kitchen as backsplash tiles.


Why should you choose granite tiles for your home?

buy granite tile

While you are going to choose tiles for the remodeling of your house, definitely you will be going to choose a long-lasting one. One of the best natural stones, especially for your kitchen countertops, you should buy granite tile.

As it is originated from the volcanic eruption, it is created under a high-heated condition. It has a crystalline structure and not like layered structure similar to sedimentary rock. Granite tiles are highly dense, extremely strong like porcelain tiles.

These tiles come with eye-catching colors and styles. The durability and versatility are also high. These tiles are resilient to any stain and moisture and ideally these are for decorating in a rustic themed area of a house. It can be used for the residential or commercial purpose. It could be a right choice for foyers and other areas of your home. If you use it as tiles rather a solid cut of granite, it cuts the expense significantly.

Considering all these benefits it could be a popular choice for flooring. While installing the granite tiles make sure these tiles spaced closely so that the grout staining should not be visible. Tinted grout is the best to get a seamless look. Also, make sure that the tiles and the grout should be properly sealed.

The price range is around $3 to $15. A lot of offers are always going on throughout the year. If you want to buy granite tile, find the best one for your dream home.