Ceramic Tiles Perfect for Moisture Rich Areas

For a tight budget, the ceramic tile would be the best. You can create wonders with your limited budget and get a fab bathroom. This tile is like porcelain tile but is the choice of many builders and homeowners. You can give a trendy look to space. There are an array of colors, patterns and designs available in these tiles. There are many look-alike tiles which give the grains of wood, veins of marble and the patterns of granite.

Ceramic Is Affordable

You will have happy nights as nothing will pinch your pocket. These tiles are easier to clean and maintain. They are water-resistant and are durable. Here are some of the ceramic tiles for your notice:

Beige Napa Ceramic Tile is 20×20 and has the looks of natural stone. It is beige in color and there are warm cream clouds and dark veins. You feel as though you are on the beach. Many beach houses use these tiles to get that outside look inside also. These tiles turn the space into a dreamy space. It can be used for master bedroom and living room also. The large format tiles give all the luxury.

Antique White Subway Tile is 3×6 with white color. They are glazed and give a shine through- out. If there are a lot of antique pieces in the house then these tiles define them. These classic subway tiles match both trendy and traditional decors.

Dekora Ceramic Tile is beige, camel brown and white colored. This tile is from Spain and is available in 5.2×5.2 size. This tile can be used for the wall of the bathroom to give an exotic look. It matches with the beautiful tub, faucets and other wood elements in the bathroom.

Leira Ceramic Wall Tile gives a luxurious pattern to the backsplash and also easy to maintain. This tile in beige and white is basically from Spain. It matches with wooden cabinet and the gray mirror. These tiles are an alternative for the mesh backed tiles. There is not much grout and also gives the grid pattern.

When you like to have a full white bathroom but like to be unique then use Dymo Wavy White Ceramic Tile gives white color with an extra texture to the wall. These tiles are glossy and are available in 12×24 sizes. This suits for smaller space and can be easily cleaned. It is glossy and rectangular and gives the softness to the curves.

These options are beautiful and suit any type of bathroom. For the moisture-rich area of the bathroom, these tiles would be the best for flooring, backsplash and accent wall. These tiles are affordable for any budget.


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