Herringbone Pattern specially suits for a High-end Interior

Flooring has gone through ages. There was a time where only concrete was smoothly finished to make the flooring. The colors were added but a single color was used. But now there are so many types of tiles in the market that the customer gets nearly confused before selecting his choice. Marble and granite was the choice of only high-end society but now many people can afford to use them for their flooring and walls. There are an array of materials, colors and patterns available in the market. From the expensive natural stones to cheaper ceramic tiles everything is there to match the budget.

Herringbone Pattern Matches Any Tile

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There are many patterns available in the market. Square, rectangle, hexagon, round and other geometric patterns are common shapes. Some special shapes like basket weave and herringbone patterns are also available. Herringbone is the crisscross design which remembers the shape of the skeleton of the herring fish. This pattern is liked by many people and the designers always choose it. It gives a noble look to the design. Almost any type of tiles can be used to make this pattern. Some prefer wood looking tiles and some the natural marble. This pattern looks marvelous in any type of material.

Colored Or Monochrome

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Colored tiles or just monochrome ones can be used to get that awesome look with this pattern. Some expensive and cheaper tiles can be mixed to get this beautiful design on the wall or the flooring. The tiles having glossy or matte finish can be arranged in this pattern. The rectangular tiles arranged in a `V` pattern would give the herringbone design. Contrast color tiles or grout would double the effect of this pattern. Monochrome colors are also replacing the bright colors these days.  People have their own choice of dark and subtle colors. Accordingly, they can decorate the interiors using this aesthetic pattern. There are abundant colors to suit the surroundings of the area and also reflects the choice of the homemaker.

Combining Patterns

This pattern would give a luminous effect with metal and glass combination. Porcelain can be combined with natural stone, metal and stone also give a striking appearance. There are designers combining basket weave with herringbone may be like borders or contrasts. Plain larger tiles can have the border of this pattern to give a smashing look. This pattern can be used for flooring, accent walls, backsplash, fire surrounds, shower surrounds and many other places in the house.



Get Blue and White for More Coastal vibes To Space

Going to a beach is always an entertainment. The air and the water would change the mood and relieve you from the stress. There are always changes in the coastal designs constantly. But we cannot afford to go to the beach always. It is better to get that look of the beach at home. Using a good design scheme it is possible to get the vibes of the coast into the land lock.

Look into Some ideas

A well planned and executed design would create a good coastal design. A lot of planning and executing it would give an authentic beach design. Here are some of the ideas which can help you to cultivate a good coastal look.

A good nautical theme can be taken to get a contemporary décor in the kitchen. Cobalt tile can be mixed with the yacht like wooden flooring. Pure white cabinets with steel handles would be perfect to get a clean air inside. Though the kitchen is sleek there is no much kitschy.


Include some old suitcase to make it look antique. Give more light for the interiors to make it bright. Interiors evoke a casual and relaxed feel with pale and neutral colors. Breezy and brightness would make it give a chic style.

Combine cream, light blue and brown to get the essence of the beach style living room. The plantation shutters give an elegant look.


Linen or raffia can be used which are lightweight. They give the woven look and texture to the contemporary living room.

The dining room can be decorated with white and blue crockery to bring alive the beach colors.

Vintage bathing suits put as wall decors would give an exotic beach vibe around.

A deck chair would be a simple way to get a simple beach vibe. Add hurricane lanterns to get more beachiness.

Bedroom with aqua hues and more of sand neutrals would give a beach style. Of course more air and light would give a seaside charm.

The bedroom should be free from clutter. A relaxed look would make a coastal space. A serene airy and well-lit room with a window to the sky would give a tranquil feeling. White accents and crisp white curtains with the chalky blue walls would give an opulent feel.

White cabinet with the blue beadboard ceiling to the kitchen would give a perfect coastal feel. Marble countertops would make it more elegant.

A beach style kitchen has the relaxed vibes. Striped accessories match with the white cabinets. Neutral palette with blue hues would give a perfect coastal surrounding.

Antique wood planks for flooring, ceiling and walls would create a coastal cottage style bathroom. Marble with gray tones countertops and plantation shutters give more elegance to space.