Metal Tiles Give a Sparkle

Backsplashes protect the wall and add a special elegance to the bathroom and kitchen. Metal tile is the next level of protection and personality that is added. There are mesh backed tiles which are having a combination of metal and glass tiles. These tiles look very beautiful and easy to install also. To match with the modern décor metal tiles are the best. Other than the modern looks there is rustic, traditional and cottage style of tiles available in the market.


Keshi Blend Mini Brick 8mm has the shine of the crystal glass and sparkle of the metal tile. Glass tiles with the pearl colored glow would look marvelous if inserted in between other tiles. Classic marble around would make these tiles look grand. They are versatile and can look good in the kitchen or bathroom. They can be used plainly or mixed with other tiles. Gray colored tiles would match with these tiles perfectly.

Stella Interlocking Pattern 8mm can match with the veined gray flooring. It is in the brick pattern with petite metal and accent tiles. The brick pattern matches with almost any type of tiles. Whatever is the flooring or the wall tiles, these interlocking tiles would look great without any effort.

Paradise Bay Blend Pattern 8mm is made of random strips of natural stone, brushed metal and glass. The colors on it make the whole room lively. This can be used on its own but looks great when combined with other tiles. It can be added as a border with the marble or wood-look porcelain tiles.

Madison Avenue Interlocking Pattern 8mm adds more beauty to the kitchen. The lights high light these tiles giving a special look to the backsplash. These tiles come with a pre-assembled mesh backing. They are strips of glass and brushed metal in numerous light shades. The tiles of different widths are arranged closely in rows. These linear tiles can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Crystal Cove Blend Interlocking Pattern 8mm has sparkling white, brushed metallic gray and subtle and dark gray colors. All these colors together make a great impact when installed. It has good water resistance and thus suits for bathroom and kitchen backsplashes. Maintenance of these tiles is very easy. Just a mild soap and soft sponge would give a spark to the tiles.



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