Where else would you install stacked stone indoors besides the fireplace!

Stacked stone is a popular method of creating dramatic and awesome environments and probably outdoors for the majority.  Building facades do assume a towering significance around the arches and up in the air around balconies and the staircase. Indoors, would you find the same elegance of stacked stone? Yes, perhaps around the fireplace and to arrange a rustic décor very meaningfully with greenery accompaniments too.

jade green slate

Look around the interiors and find meaningful ways to accommodate the stacked stone veneer panels. Make a judicious selection of particular stones, colors and cuts, and match or contrast them with the other features in the room. Watch how the stacked stone comes to life in gorgeous ways to liven up the setting. Adopt some modern approaches to find refined uses.

Arctic White Stacked Stone

Surely everybody is in love with a pristine white kitchen? Arctic White Stacked Stone will set it all up so spectacularly. A charismatic kitchen is the creation of the white split-face marble veneer.  So pretty is the marble that other elements are not disturbed and look as appealing as ever, like a wine rack as the focal point.


Calacatta Cressa 3D Stacked Stone

The power of marble as a super ornamental stone is universally accepted. Some may be worried about the extraordinary care it needs. Though often installed as countertops in kitchens, you could put marble backsplashes on the kitchen wall. The designer Calacatta Cressa 3D Stacked Stone has gentle gray veins on white marble in a contemporary 3D style.

California Gold Stacked Stone

The wonder shades of natural slate were created by the mysterious power of Mother Nature. California Gold Stacked Stone stands out amongst those works of art. Install it on an accent wall to create a split-faced focal point in an intensely dramatic splendor.

Golden White Stacked Stone

Create a peaceful bathroom ambiance with natural stone. The Golden White Stacked Stone split-faced quartzite has red and gold, cream and gray in delicate shades. The bathtub environment would look like a lavish spa in a holiday resort. Get romantic with little candles in nooks!

Sierra Blue Stacked Stone

A macho feeling comes from the jagged Sierra Blue Stacked Stone quartzite, though refined. Natural stone means many things clever.

You are probably convinced that stacked stone ledger panels would transform the home interiors in fabulous ways. Be convinced that stacked stone veneer panels are not meant for fireplaces alone. The stacked stone online Visualizer helps study some stunning effects and help develop a personalized plan of action.



Metal Tiles Give a Sparkle

Backsplashes protect the wall and add a special elegance to the bathroom and kitchen. Metal tile is the next level of protection and personality that is added. There are mesh backed tiles which are having a combination of metal and glass tiles. These tiles look very beautiful and easy to install also. To match with the modern décor metal tiles are the best. Other than the modern looks there is rustic, traditional and cottage style of tiles available in the market.


Keshi Blend Mini Brick 8mm has the shine of the crystal glass and sparkle of the metal tile. Glass tiles with the pearl colored glow would look marvelous if inserted in between other tiles. Classic marble around would make these tiles look grand. They are versatile and can look good in the kitchen or bathroom. They can be used plainly or mixed with other tiles. Gray colored tiles would match with these tiles perfectly.

Stella Interlocking Pattern 8mm can match with the veined gray flooring. It is in the brick pattern with petite metal and accent tiles. The brick pattern matches with almost any type of tiles. Whatever is the flooring or the wall tiles, these interlocking tiles would look great without any effort.

Paradise Bay Blend Pattern 8mm is made of random strips of natural stone, brushed metal and glass. The colors on it make the whole room lively. This can be used on its own but looks great when combined with other tiles. It can be added as a border with the marble or wood-look porcelain tiles.

Madison Avenue Interlocking Pattern 8mm adds more beauty to the kitchen. The lights high light these tiles giving a special look to the backsplash. These tiles come with a pre-assembled mesh backing. They are strips of glass and brushed metal in numerous light shades. The tiles of different widths are arranged closely in rows. These linear tiles can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Crystal Cove Blend Interlocking Pattern 8mm has sparkling white, brushed metallic gray and subtle and dark gray colors. All these colors together make a great impact when installed. It has good water resistance and thus suits for bathroom and kitchen backsplashes. Maintenance of these tiles is very easy. Just a mild soap and soft sponge would give a spark to the tiles.


Stone decor: Stacked Stone Decorates Big or Small Wall

To get a natural look inside the house with the split face, rough texture stone use stacked stone. This adds to eh modern décor of the room. The rustic and unpolished look of the room will give a special makeover. It suits well with rustic, elegant and aesthetic surroundings.

Types of Stacked Stones

California Gold Stacked Stone changes the look of the room. It changes the boring corner to an eye-popping décor. If you do not like to use the whole wall then a small space can be used for installing these stacked stones. Whether it is the bathroom or kitchen space is bright with these stones.

pietra dunes

This wall is the focal point in this room. These stacked stones have shades of slate with brown and gray shades. It gives a colorful combination with hints of rust and matches with the neutral colors of cabinet and flooring.

Golden Honey Pencil Stacked Stone looks good at fireplace surrounds. Though in modern houses they use the gas burner instead of the traditional fire, these stone veneer panel suits well around. This is the natural split face quartzite with shades of gray and gold. They have these stripes which give a linear look. The corner pieces define the installation and give a special meaning to the pop-outs.


Charcoal Pencil Stacked Stone is a split face gray slate. Instead of having plain walls these stacked stones can give an art finish. The texture gives a special effect to the wall. The thin pencil thin stone veneers this is a timeless modern décor.

Arctic Golden Panel is basically the split face Quartzite. They have variations of shades of cream and beige.

The color and texture of the stones add more elevation to the room. This gives a rich look to the room and the corner matching panels completes the look.

Charcoal Rust Stacked Stone is split face slate with shades of gray and hues of rusty gold. Instead of the boring plain wall, there is minimum style by installing these stacked stones. These stones are easy to install and longs for a lifetime. It suits minimalistic, modern, traditional and elegant decors. Aesthetic feeling is easily acquired with these stone veneers.

If it is used for a small wall or for the full room, definitely it adds charm to the entire room.  Choose the color which matches the home décor or furniture.


Modern Mosaics for Backsplashes in Kitchen and Bathroom

People are used to plain surface tiles. But there are designers and homeowners going for the 3D tiles. The light varies as it falls on these tiles to give a different look to the accent walls and backsplashes. These designs are basically traditional but have become popular these days. They look attractive and allow you to run your fingers over and the light on it looks fantastic. As the light moves, this design comes alive and there is a shadow play. There are dark and light colored mosaics available according to your creativity.

Investigate Before Remodeling

If you are planning to remodel the accent wall, fireplace or backsplash then go through these designs:

Carrara White Marble 3D Mosaic has gray veins with a white background. The 3D texture allows the light to play and leaves shadows at different angles. If the kitchen is completely white then these backsplash 3D tiles give a color scheme. It matches with the gray walls also.

Rustique 3D interlocking pattern has brown, tan and gray colored slate tiles. These tiles are stacked on one another and look like an art. This can be on the fireplace wall, shower and tub surround. They can be in two or three rows to grab attention.

Crema Arched Herringbone Mosaic is marble with cream and taupe colors. They have light colored rust and brown veins. They are available in 12×12 mesh sheets which have curved surface of chips of marble. It gives a look of basket weave pattern which looks exotic on countertops, backsplashes, and flooring. They match comfortably with neutral or bold colored cabinets.

Adella Viso Calcatta Mosaic is having honeycomb pattern all over. There are chocolate and rust colored veins on it. The surface is shiny and gives a smooth feel. This can be added to any other type of Carrara tiles to give a unique look to space. They look glamorous with dark colored flooring or cabinets.

Golden Honey Stik Wall Tile is a peel and stick quartzite veneer mosaic tile. There are shades of honey, gray, white and gold on it. There are raised textures on the surface and it is very easy to stick. There is no necessity of grout or mortar. Just peel off the back paper and stick it on the surface to be installed. They can be used as a backsplash, fire surrounds or tub surround.