What do you mean of hardscape Projects for a Dream Oasis

If we have enough space in the backyard, it would be wonderful to decorate it. Outdoor oasis or hardscaping would give a wonderful look to the backyard. There is a lot of selection in the market for hardscaping. Flagstones, stepping stones, and many other tiles are there to suit any style. A serene look can be got to the space using your imagination. Here are five hardscape ideas to make the backyard a tranquil retreat.

A Pond

A tranquil Koi pond would be a wonderful idea. The sound of the fishes swimming and the foliage rustles would give a deep soothing to the mind. Here neutral hardscaping ideas would be perfect. Mixed Polished Beach Pebbles has the colors of whites, gray and orange to give a neutral tone. With these ideas, the backyard turns into a Zen, the place for you to relax.

pietra dunes

Larger Stones for Bigger Space

If you have a large backyard, then use Pennsylvania Bluestone Pavers. These stones can be used for pool surrounds too. If space is large then these stones cover them with fewer installations. In summer this place would be inviting with the water and its surrounds. The pavers are in 12×12 and 24×36 size. They are in colors of gray, blue and rust tones. The pavers are of different sizes and this covers the space easily and attracts attention too. This place would be perfect for lounging and seating.

tuscany scabas

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones give more beauty to the backyard. This leads to the pool or a water fountain. This Venetian Gray Stepping Stone Pavers can be used for the front yard. There are hand-cut stepping stones which allow strolling into the garden.

Dream House

tuscany rivera

If proper stones are used there would be a cottage look to space. The patio in the front yard would be a perfect place for having tea-parties. VKD Quartzite Flagstone has the perfect color balance and looks gorgeous.

The gray and rust colors give warm tones for the fireplace and the dining set furniture. The grout matches the window trim. The windows are furbished with lemon chiffon curtains. All the colors match elegantly.

Edges With Cobbles

Edges can be added to the lawns. This helps in avoiding the weeds. In the past bricks were used as edges but now cobbles are used to give an enchanting look. Giallo Fantasia Granite Tumbled Tiles are perfect for edges. They have colors like cream, gray, yellow and black. Mix both the sizes of 4×4 and 4×8 to make a custom design. The whole hardscape becomes impressive.


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