Attractive bathroom designs with gorgeous marbles

It may be hundred years or more, since when marble has a great contribution towards making residential as well commercial places extremely glamorous. Yet, many of us feel confused regarding the installation of marble within the residence. Proper installation of marble can make the flooring just awesome and will normally raise the beauty of the home.  Here we can take a look at certain designs of marble which can surely give an excellent appearance of the bathroom.

  • Camouflage can become one of the most dedicated as well as gorgeous design to make the bathroom more beautiful. The natural veining of marbles on the floor will surely become a matter to observe the bathroom.
  • Apart from flooring, marble on shower walls and bathtubs will also give a presentable appearance within the bathroom. This is known as the versatile approach which has become quite popular in recent days.
  • Once you are planning to have marble flooring in the bathroom, you will surely be aware that the marbles will remain intact for years. Hence, it is always required to do proper sealing to the marble during installation. Such sealing procedure is also required to be repeated once in every three months.
  • Another charm of marble is Patina. This exposure mainly occurs when marble is exposed to moisture and humidity for years. If you like to have a rust-hued patina style, these special types of marbles can be used within the bathrooms. Here you can take a sample test by soaking the marble in a bucket of water for more than two days. Now you can notice the changes within the marble and you will feel the charm of it.
  • While you are planning to remodel the bathroom then marble can surely be a nice option. This will surely give an elegant appearance of the bathroom and will elevate the value. So, in case you are planning to sell your house then this will surely help to make the bathroom valuable than ever.
  • The natural veining of the marble always delivers a stunning appearance. Normally, marbles are designed with black, gray and charcoal veining and automatically these veining will give an exquisite appearance.
  • Marbles will always match with other materials such as wood, stainless-steel or granite, etc. Apart from using real marble, a homeowner can also select quartz or porcelain which possesses a marble-like look.

Hence, it is always suggested that using marble in the bathroom can definitely give a natural and elegant appearance.


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