Changing Living Room According to your Taste

The mind always needs change. It would be very nice to change the locations of the furniture or change to new ones to make life interesting. Making some changes in the living room gives a fresh feeling and this transforms the old form of the room. The accessories can be replaced and the decors can be changed to update the living room. Here are some tips:

Metallic Decors


Some metallic decorating items give a sparkle. The decors added may not be completely metallic but some shining tiles also add elegance. Glass Mosaic Tile with metallic particle infused would look glamorous to the fire surround. The furniture can be shifted closer to the hearth to give a focus to the fireplace. If there are some wooden framed wall hangings, it could be changed to metallic like gold or silver frames. Mirror decors also give the shine or sparkle to the décor.

Add colors

ventro gray porcelain

Neutral color may be your liking but adding a pop color in between gives a ray of energy into the room. Painting the walls in a different color would change the description of the room. One wall can be painted with a bright color to give a change to the whole space. Wall hangings with fresh flower paintings would bring life into. Adding pillows on to the sofa and putting curtains to the windows also makes it more colorful. Put slipcovers on to the chair and the sofa to give a quick change.

Natural Decors

gray glossy subway

A serene feeling of warmth is added to the room by natural textures and fabrics. Jute or natural fiber carpets add an extra cushion to the feet. Indoor plants, shells and pebbles can be infused into the accessories to give a beautiful look.

Personalize Décor


Taste of everyone changes. Some like sports, musical instruments, painting or just nature. Bring out the liking on the walls by adding pictures of instruments, musicians, sportsmen, celebrities or local landscapes. This exhibits your taste and you would like the décor through your life.

The living room is a place where we relax after a stressful day. Our friends and family too will share this space. It is very important to decorate it carefully. If the budget is small then small changes can be made. But if you can really spend some money then you can make more changes to make the room a beautiful place to relax.



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