Trending glazed porcelain tiles for special decoration

This year glazed porcelain became the most stunning tile some creative decoration. Designers are using the glass wear cover on porcelain to lift the loveliness of bedroom, hanging balcony or other fewer traffic spaces. Choosing glazed makes the tile selection for special project relatively easy. The factors of glazed porcelain tiles are comparable with renowned exterior tiles.



The manufacturing of the glazed tiles requires liquid coating over the surface. Such coating makes the look very glossy and shiny.

Less thickness of the material gives a soft and lightweight feeling.

The glass coating makes the surface slippery.

According to its style and color combination glazed shows more varieties than any other tile category.

gray glossy subway

If you have followed the factors the glazed porcelain thoroughly, then you might have decided about its application. Places, where less traffic pressure is expected, can be designed with glazed porcelain. Therefore, the category has left many promising tiles behind this year. According to its visual, style statement and softness, it became a buzz of bedroom decoration. The apartment that has a private balcony can be designed with trending glazed tiles. You may have a personal space to refresh yourself like music room, deck or open-air room. Such room needs a better ambiance for relaxation. In such cases, glazed porcelain is the unparallel selection.

How to utilize its positivity?

There are some dos and don’ts of the glazed tiles if you want to feel the benefits of this trending tile category, then you should be aware of it. Porcelain tile is specially made for floors, therefore, it has weather resistance, germ resistance and easy cleaning specifications inbuilt. Along with it, glazed porcelain has some personalize maintenance tactics.

Glazed surfaces don’t need any complicated cleaning. The simple sweeping technique is recommended. The owners have to include regular sweeping to throughout dust and wastes.

Pietra Orion

Any oil, chemical substances, abrasive cleaners or wax based materials are strictly prohibited for cleaning the surface. The chemical reaction would harm the liquid coating of the surface.

Use plain water without any mixture on every two days to clean the tile. As glazed tiles are covered by the liquid glass material, therefore, it needs to be dry. Owners have to leave the space for minutes for complete drying. After water cleaning procedure, don’t use the space. Moving on the wet surface of the glazed tiles causes spots. The inbuilt gloss and shine would be highlighted automatically in dry conditions.


How Flooring with the natural stone in the modern era creates Exclusivity

Marble is a natural stone with different patterns of streaks on it which gives an exquisite look. Marble flooring is one of the most sophisticated floorings to embed in a home and offices. Marble tiles come in a wide range of colors with streaks makes a unique and beautiful feature. With the differences in streaking patterns, marbles can be differentiated from one another. Marble stone can be installed on flooring, tables, showers, fireplace, and offices which is easy to clean and gives you a striking look.

bathroom with nature

The charm of Marble flooring can never be overshadowed ever which make it more demanding. It is used most largely as a building material. Depending on the type and variation of marble chosen can add charm and fashion to any kind of a place. The big range of marble colors and types available allows you to mix and match and create distinctive patterns on floors which give dramatic look. Irrespective of color combination you prefer to install, marble adds an elegant impact wherever it is placed. Stones can be classified into blocks, tiles, and slabs. Seeking knowledge beforehand and Check on variations of marble stones might help you before getting marble flooring done in the home or workplace make you decide the appropriate marbles for the desired place.


Marble flooring with key features:

# Marble impact on the interiors is highly eye appealing.

# Marble flooring is long lasting and can take bulky stuff.

# Marble flooring gives a royal look and is scratch resistant.

# Marbles are soft and tend to cracks. Adhesives have to be used to make the surface strong and solid and to avoid cracks.

# Pick any desired marble of your choice and it will be remarkable in any area.

# Marbles used for flooring comes in various colors with regular and irregular veining on it.

 As Marble is a natural stone proper care and maintenance is required to maintain its shine.  Marble flooring care related points are listed below:

 # to prevent from losing shine and turning yellow, marble floor must be periodically polished in terms of 6 to 12 months.

# applying a sealer is must as marble has high absorbency of stains.

# Coasters under liquid cans should always use to prevent stains of acidic substances like juices, sodas etc.

# Dust or Mopping regularly is to be done.

Changing Living Room According to your Taste

The mind always needs change. It would be very nice to change the locations of the furniture or change to new ones to make life interesting. Making some changes in the living room gives a fresh feeling and this transforms the old form of the room. The accessories can be replaced and the decors can be changed to update the living room. Here are some tips:

Metallic Decors


Some metallic decorating items give a sparkle. The decors added may not be completely metallic but some shining tiles also add elegance. Glass Mosaic Tile with metallic particle infused would look glamorous to the fire surround. The furniture can be shifted closer to the hearth to give a focus to the fireplace. If there are some wooden framed wall hangings, it could be changed to metallic like gold or silver frames. Mirror decors also give the shine or sparkle to the décor.

Add colors

ventro gray porcelain

Neutral color may be your liking but adding a pop color in between gives a ray of energy into the room. Painting the walls in a different color would change the description of the room. One wall can be painted with a bright color to give a change to the whole space. Wall hangings with fresh flower paintings would bring life into. Adding pillows on to the sofa and putting curtains to the windows also makes it more colorful. Put slipcovers on to the chair and the sofa to give a quick change.

Natural Decors

gray glossy subway

A serene feeling of warmth is added to the room by natural textures and fabrics. Jute or natural fiber carpets add an extra cushion to the feet. Indoor plants, shells and pebbles can be infused into the accessories to give a beautiful look.

Personalize Décor


Taste of everyone changes. Some like sports, musical instruments, painting or just nature. Bring out the liking on the walls by adding pictures of instruments, musicians, sportsmen, celebrities or local landscapes. This exhibits your taste and you would like the décor through your life.

The living room is a place where we relax after a stressful day. Our friends and family too will share this space. It is very important to decorate it carefully. If the budget is small then small changes can be made. But if you can really spend some money then you can make more changes to make the room a beautiful place to relax.