Subway Tiles are Classic and get matched Any Decor

It’s a pleasure to be creative when interior designing or remodeling is taking place. The creativity should be trendy and match to any type of décor. Remodeling takes more budget as countertops, flooring and backsplash tiles are more costly. This process cannot be repeated after few years. It is always better to choose durable tiles.


To acquire both elegance and trendy ideas use Subway Backsplash Tile. Classic subway tiles are the all-time favorite but they are reinterpreted with trendy ideas. These tiles are made from shining crystalline glass to make it look trendier. Beveled edges and sporting raised are the present tiles. Here are some of the details of the subway tiles found in the market.

Subway Tiles with Modern Elegance

gray glossy subway

Backsplash tiles protect the wall and give a décor to the kitchen. Gray Glisten Subway Tile

Has a gentle touch of silver and looks like a mirror. This is so trendy that it does not go out of fashion for a few more years. Many tiles are mimicking of the past but giving a contemporary touch to it makes it completely different.  These reflective tiles give a modern touch.


When you want to have a high-end kitchen then white kitchens are preferred. This gives an air of peace, away from the stress life. Classic White Subway Tile can be replaced with Ice Glass Subway Tile. This would be the perfect replacement. Instead of a plain tile, this gives a reflective surface which gives a sparkle. They act like décor in the kitchen.

Designers Add More Beauty

Instead of using the old type of 3“x 6“tiles there are 4×12 tiles designed. Metallic Gray Glass Subway Tile is elongated and reflects light. It gives a dark background which reflects the under cabinet lighting. These tiles can be installed like bricks, vertically or herringbone pattern.

For bathrooms, subway tiles are the best as they can be cleaned easily. They are always related to hygiene and cleanliness. Instead of pure white, a tint of gray is added. Under the crystalline surface, there is the white porcelain. This Arctic Ice Subway Tile looks classic but is purely trendy.

White subway tiles around the shower are an old fashion. It is easy to clean and is durable with all the splashing and wiping. To give a modern look to this White Subway Tile Beveled 3×6 is used which is 3-D and has a luxury touch.



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