Hardscape with natural stone and pebbles

Front lawn or backyard looks great with a perfect hardscape planning. The décor of the house increases with this natural extension. It is a great way of enjoying the nature. Many functions can take place here with style. If decorated with natural stone there is an extension of the landscape in the outdoor environment. The people of the house, guests, children, and elders surely will welcome the nature into their daily routine. There are many types of hardscaping goals.

tuscany porcini

Natural Stone Pavers

 Pavers add more beauty to the backyard. Natural stones are used for the pool decks and patios. They are naturally cool and thus very suitable for tropical places. There are finishes like tumbled, honed and chipped edges. There are different types of thickness available for different uses. For pavers, the thickness has to be more to tolerate the traffic and weather conditions. Marble and travertine are best for pathways, pool decks and patios. They are available in creams and beiges. Slate is also used as pavers, available in dark colors like charcoal gray, natural brown, and rust. There is unique texture on the surface which makes this stone perfect for outdoor hardscape. It is perfect for the backsplash, countertop, outdoor kitchen or bar, fireplace, fire pit, and oven.

tuscany walnut

Flagstones are the most durable pavers. There are numerous colors available like gray, rust and soft red giving an earthy appeal. They are the best for fireplace, patios and garden pathways.

Ledger panels Look Natural

Ledger panels give the best look in between nature. There are beige and cream colors with tints of gold, gray and rust highlights. Travertine ledger panels are stylish with attractive textures. They give an elegant and contemporary look. They look trendy when used for waterfall walls, outdoor bar, and building facade. They can be used for backsplashes in the kitchen also. Their natural looks match with nature perfectly and thus is best for exterior hardscaping projects. Many designers use them for interior walls too.


There are thin veneers which are robust enough to tolerate the traffic in the backyard. It gives a beautiful, versatile, durable and colorful décor to the garden. Veneers are the real stone cut into thin tiles. They are lightweight and are of best quality. There are corner pieces available in the market which looks like full sized stone, ledger panels, and many other designs. There are modern or rural decors which will well suit the outdoor cladding applications with good results.


Many of the pavers have matching copings. These make the patio, pool decks, columns, and steps look great. The copings, caps, treads give a finished look. Pebbles give a rich look for the outdoor hardscape. Colored and polished pebbles give a fine décor to the finish. Pebbles protect the soil from getting heated up. It does not allow the growth of weeds and it keeps the water retained. The natural look to the garden with pebbles is incredible.



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