Unique Colored Slabs Of New Venetian Gold Granite

If you want something which has striking colors and versatile, then it is New Venetian Gold Granite. There are tiles and slabs available used for different applications. They are perfect for commercial and residential buildings. They are robust and can be used for exteriors or interiors. It can be used for countertops, backsplashes or on accent walls. At any part of the house like bathroom, kitchen or any other room they are used.

Colors Directly From Nature

This stone is also called as Venetian Gold or Ouro Brazil. This is basically from Brazil with beige and golden tones. The veins are gray, brown or deep red. The beige background makes the stone look bright. If used in small kitchen or bathroom the place appears to be more spacious. The beige color gives a canvas for many other colors like the cabinet, floor tile, and wall paint. It gives a beautiful background for the palette of colors. The gold veins in the stone give a rich look preferred by many homeowners. The veins are so unique that there are all symptoms to tell that it is directly from nature. The combination of colors are selected by Mother Nature and made it evident for making each slab unique.

Resistance For Freezing And Hot Climate

Many builders and homeowners prefer New Venetian Gold as countertops in both residential and commercial buildings. The colors of this stone match with both dark and light colors and make it easy for choosing the tiles for both kitchen and bathrooms. It is having resistance for freezing or hot weather. Though it is a natural stone it gives good performance with less maintenance. It will match any type of décor, colors, patterns or styles. The user is fully liberal to use his choice without any hesitation as there is not much competition for attention. It adapts to any type of space.

Like any other natural stone, the color of New Venetian Granite may vary depending on the elemental factors of formation over millions of years ago. Each slab is unique and the colors are also unique. Each lot has a lot of differences with the other lot. It is better to purchase more than necessary to avoid any shortage. One batch may have more black, gold or beige flecks than the other. It is better to select the slabs according to the color preferred.


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