Unique Colored Slabs Of New Venetian Gold Granite

If you want something which has striking colors and versatile, then it is New Venetian Gold Granite. There are tiles and slabs available used for different applications. They are perfect for commercial and residential buildings. They are robust and can be used for exteriors or interiors. It can be used for countertops, backsplashes or on accent walls. At any part of the house like bathroom, kitchen or any other room they are used.

Colors Directly From Nature

This stone is also called as Venetian Gold or Ouro Brazil. This is basically from Brazil with beige and golden tones. The veins are gray, brown or deep red. The beige background makes the stone look bright. If used in small kitchen or bathroom the place appears to be more spacious. The beige color gives a canvas for many other colors like the cabinet, floor tile, and wall paint. It gives a beautiful background for the palette of colors. The gold veins in the stone give a rich look preferred by many homeowners. The veins are so unique that there are all symptoms to tell that it is directly from nature. The combination of colors are selected by Mother Nature and made it evident for making each slab unique.

Resistance For Freezing And Hot Climate

Many builders and homeowners prefer New Venetian Gold as countertops in both residential and commercial buildings. The colors of this stone match with both dark and light colors and make it easy for choosing the tiles for both kitchen and bathrooms. It is having resistance for freezing or hot weather. Though it is a natural stone it gives good performance with less maintenance. It will match any type of décor, colors, patterns or styles. The user is fully liberal to use his choice without any hesitation as there is not much competition for attention. It adapts to any type of space.

Like any other natural stone, the color of New Venetian Granite may vary depending on the elemental factors of formation over millions of years ago. Each slab is unique and the colors are also unique. Each lot has a lot of differences with the other lot. It is better to purchase more than necessary to avoid any shortage. One batch may have more black, gold or beige flecks than the other. It is better to select the slabs according to the color preferred.


How to break the predictable thoughts of glass mosaics?

Glass materials are used from thousand years ago. Many heritage buildings have terracotta and glass works on their architecture. Therefore, the traditional glass material is very popular in all over the earth. Before the age of interior decoration, glass pieces have proved its class. Therefore, interior designers have jumped onto the option. The modern decorators believed that contemporary glass mosaics are the most effective material for making any house attractive.

Though using glass mosaics became very cliché fort same type of application. Mostly, designers are installing the bricks on the sink backsplashes at bathrooms and kitchens. Sometimes, the mixture of pebbles and glass mosaics are creating a different feel, yet it became old as well.

Then what is on trend?


If you want to know the trend of glass mosaics, then you should know several geometric patterns are using nowadays. But, there is some more important news.

  • Glass tiles are available in several formats now.
  • People don’t even need any designer to select the right glass stone for the right place.
  • The viewers can see the bricks in the gallery.
  • The buyers can see the result of applying glass mosaics in bathrooms, kitchens or other places because the past work of the professionals is posted on the website.
  • The glass mosaics are available in various sizes.
  • People can buy little bricks.
  • People can customize their orders.
  • The glass mosaics are able to cater for creative installation.
  • The famous interlocking pattern is available on glass mosaics.
  • People can get the bricks at an affordable rate.
  • Various offers are attached. People shall follow.

These types of features are trending on today’s market. Whatever pattern and size you chose, you should be sure that these options are available on your buying. Thus, you can be satisfied with the quality and rate of the glass tiles.

Some suggestions:

The glass mosaic list is very broad. You can start selecting the Artista interlocking, Black and White Bamboo or Ayres Blend Subway patterns, you must where and how to apply these. The list is decorated with exclusive, subway, interlocking and bamboo patterns and there are many divisions according to the geometry as well as the difference is growing with several blends and mixtures.

The simple suggestion, that can help you, is to avoid the resistance of thoughts. Mostly, people think that should I use Desert Spring mini bricks on walls, what if it comes to intolerable pressure and breaks and etc. these types of thoughts are being old. Now, glass mosaics are unexpectedly durable. It can fit with any design. Owners or designers need to invest the sensibility just.

Crema Marfil Marble: in high demand for home decoration

Cream Marfil Marble is a well famed natural stone in recent days and this offers simply awesome style statement to every type of home decoration. At present, this natural stone is easily available in different varieties. For mosaics and backsplashes, this style is hugely used by every homeowner.

Brief about Crema Marfil Marble

The famous name, Crema Marfil is available within the family of limestone and this is available in the area of mountain Pinoso, Spain. The prime source of this excellent stone is Mount Coto and Mount Zafra. The main reason of popularity of this stone is excellent quality and durability. This natural stone is being considered within the elite class due to its individuality and excellent superiority.

In terms of appearance, Crema Marfil can be of different varieties. Each slab of this limestone has different look. These can be of light or dark shades with delicate veins.  Again, different marbles are called by different names, etc.

The flower is a style that has white spots on the stone which look quite same as blossoming flowers. Whereas, the water one is similar to the waving water. Another popular style is rice again. This variety is available with attractive grain appearance. Homeowners have also become attracted towards the design Encalizado. This design looks similar like an uncontaminated white limestone.

Crema Marfil and its applications

In recent days, this natural stone has become quite famous for all types of marble flooring. Not only for flooring but also, this limestone has become extremely popular for countertops and backsplashes. There is no doubt that this natural stone has become world’s most desirable and preferred marble. Whether you are going to have traditional home decoration or the contemporary one, in both the cases you will get the best style with the help of this style. This style is available with excellence polished feature and will give your house an awesome look.  If you are going to place cabinetry or other appliances made of wood or metal, then this Crema Marfil will enhance the beauty of these appliances within the kitchen or bathrooms.


This specially designed marble is available in the market easily and these are available in different sizes and patterns. For all types of projects, whether small or large, these tiles can easily be used. Well, it is also suggested to take an idea of the professionals so that you can select either the classic or the premium style for your home decoration.