Contemporary Porcelain Tiles makes a Big Difference

Interior styles like rustic modern, traditional or industrial come and go. But, it is the timeless beauty of Natural stone that withstands trend-setting changes. In this regard, travertine is considered as the most gorgeous stone tile flooring available in the shades of pale gray or beige to its darker tones. Still, good things do have their own downsides.

Taking note of the natural stones, their cost is a major aspect of its consideration as it falls in the inexpensive bracket. Basically stating, natural stones require care and maintenance including regular sealing. And being heavy in nature, extra support or manpower is required to lift it. With a variety of natural stones available in the market, they can be selected as per the stylistic interiors of home or office. They are meant to enhance the décor and make it a heavenly experience for the edifice owners.

  • Glacier Focus:

It is extremely sure that the people preferring white kitchens with light-shaded roomy sections will fall for glacier focus porcelain tiles. They are accessible in large formats of 12 X 14 inches. Being easy to install, these tiles are surely manageable without much difficulty. There might be a possibility that people have a question in mind as to light colored tiles may not be resistant to spills or stains. But, the things are another way around because porcelain tiles are porcelain tiles are water and stain resistant.

  • Khaki Focus:

As known that travertine tiles are heavy material that requires extra care and manpower to lift. But, for people, who love travertine, can find an easy alternative in Khaki Focus Porcelain tiles. Being a lookalike of travertine, this will enhance the charm of interiors; be it walls, floors or even countertops. In fact, it can be placed on the ceiling with color way featuring golden beige and linear tonal striations.

  • Olive Focus:

A good thing about Olive Focus is that it’s neutral shades gel well with furnishings, surface materials, and even modernistic fixtures. Though, it can be used extensively on floor or walls; still, a contrast can be added with mosaic stripes. Certainly, light-shaded grout can be added for creating a distinctive look. Of course, they are suitable for bathrooms because of its moisture resistant quality.

  • Graphite Focus:

As known that gray natural stone is one such choice that matches every form of the interior, graphite focus ones create a sturdy surface without any nooks and crannies to let stains stay at all. It can be wiped off easily.


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