How you can enhance the beauty of a slate floor by sealers

Slate is a choice of many homeowners. This natural stone is the best flooring for the bathroom. It gives a beautiful coloration and texture which is unmatchable. There are gray, brown and rusty red hues available suiting both the contemporary or trendy floors. There are honed to brushed finishes available in the market.

There is one more attractive finish which gets the permanent wet look on the surface. This gives the optimum finish. The natural color is defined with the wet look and increases the beauty. Here are a number of sealers used for the slate to enhance its beauty.

Enhancing Sealant

Normally the surface of slate may be a little dull or chalky. To increase the brightness it is necessary to use the sealer. Use enhancing sealer on Jak Slate to give that shine and wet look. There are water based and solvent based enhancers. Solvent based is always recommended as it is easier to apply and soaks well.

It is good to apply the sealer after 72 hours of installation. If the tiles are old, clean it before sealing. Multi Classic Slate tile is a versatile tile.

Test it on an old tile before using. If the results are pleasing them use it on the remaining flooring. Pour the sealer on the floor and rub it with a towel to spread it and get into the pores. After 10 minutes it permeates and then we can decide if more is necessary.

VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) levels are more in a solvent based sealer rather than water based one. Use a respirator or ensure enough ventilation while the sealants are applied. This strong smell subsides after a few hours of application.

Glossy Sealant To Get Shiny Surface

For San Rio Rustic Slate use the glossy one. To get a glossy and polished look it is better to use the topical glossy sealants. There is the option of water or solvent based ones.  It is always better to use the solvent based ones as it is durable and lasts long. It is now moisture resistant and surely better than the enhancing sealer. As the surface is shining there is more visibility of the scratches.

A light coat has to be applied to one section at a time. It takes nearly four hours for drying and is advisable not to touch it before that time. The number of times the sealing coats are applied, the more shining the surface is. To make it look fresh, peel off the glossy coating and apply it after regular intervals.

Looks Natural With Impregnating Sealant

Use an impregnating sealer for Rustic Gold Slate. The natural color and texture are retained when this is used. The water based solvent is ideal here as it penetrates into the pores and disappears. This is used as the enhancing sealer. Before drying the surface looks fresh and wet but comes to the original state when dried. Elbow grease can be added to get the aesthetic property.



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