Contemporary Porcelain Tiles makes a Big Difference

Interior styles like rustic modern, traditional or industrial come and go. But, it is the timeless beauty of Natural stone that withstands trend-setting changes. In this regard, travertine is considered as the most gorgeous stone tile flooring available in the shades of pale gray or beige to its darker tones. Still, good things do have their own downsides.

Taking note of the natural stones, their cost is a major aspect of its consideration as it falls in the inexpensive bracket. Basically stating, natural stones require care and maintenance including regular sealing. And being heavy in nature, extra support or manpower is required to lift it. With a variety of natural stones available in the market, they can be selected as per the stylistic interiors of home or office. They are meant to enhance the décor and make it a heavenly experience for the edifice owners.

  • Glacier Focus:

It is extremely sure that the people preferring white kitchens with light-shaded roomy sections will fall for glacier focus porcelain tiles. They are accessible in large formats of 12 X 14 inches. Being easy to install, these tiles are surely manageable without much difficulty. There might be a possibility that people have a question in mind as to light colored tiles may not be resistant to spills or stains. But, the things are another way around because porcelain tiles are porcelain tiles are water and stain resistant.

  • Khaki Focus:

As known that travertine tiles are heavy material that requires extra care and manpower to lift. But, for people, who love travertine, can find an easy alternative in Khaki Focus Porcelain tiles. Being a lookalike of travertine, this will enhance the charm of interiors; be it walls, floors or even countertops. In fact, it can be placed on the ceiling with color way featuring golden beige and linear tonal striations.

  • Olive Focus:

A good thing about Olive Focus is that it’s neutral shades gel well with furnishings, surface materials, and even modernistic fixtures. Though, it can be used extensively on floor or walls; still, a contrast can be added with mosaic stripes. Certainly, light-shaded grout can be added for creating a distinctive look. Of course, they are suitable for bathrooms because of its moisture resistant quality.

  • Graphite Focus:

As known that gray natural stone is one such choice that matches every form of the interior, graphite focus ones create a sturdy surface without any nooks and crannies to let stains stay at all. It can be wiped off easily.


How you can enhance the beauty of a slate floor by sealers

Slate is a choice of many homeowners. This natural stone is the best flooring for the bathroom. It gives a beautiful coloration and texture which is unmatchable. There are gray, brown and rusty red hues available suiting both the contemporary or trendy floors. There are honed to brushed finishes available in the market.

There is one more attractive finish which gets the permanent wet look on the surface. This gives the optimum finish. The natural color is defined with the wet look and increases the beauty. Here are a number of sealers used for the slate to enhance its beauty.

Enhancing Sealant

Normally the surface of slate may be a little dull or chalky. To increase the brightness it is necessary to use the sealer. Use enhancing sealer on Jak Slate to give that shine and wet look. There are water based and solvent based enhancers. Solvent based is always recommended as it is easier to apply and soaks well.

It is good to apply the sealer after 72 hours of installation. If the tiles are old, clean it before sealing. Multi Classic Slate tile is a versatile tile.

Test it on an old tile before using. If the results are pleasing them use it on the remaining flooring. Pour the sealer on the floor and rub it with a towel to spread it and get into the pores. After 10 minutes it permeates and then we can decide if more is necessary.

VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) levels are more in a solvent based sealer rather than water based one. Use a respirator or ensure enough ventilation while the sealants are applied. This strong smell subsides after a few hours of application.

Glossy Sealant To Get Shiny Surface

For San Rio Rustic Slate use the glossy one. To get a glossy and polished look it is better to use the topical glossy sealants. There is the option of water or solvent based ones.  It is always better to use the solvent based ones as it is durable and lasts long. It is now moisture resistant and surely better than the enhancing sealer. As the surface is shining there is more visibility of the scratches.

A light coat has to be applied to one section at a time. It takes nearly four hours for drying and is advisable not to touch it before that time. The number of times the sealing coats are applied, the more shining the surface is. To make it look fresh, peel off the glossy coating and apply it after regular intervals.

Looks Natural With Impregnating Sealant

Use an impregnating sealer for Rustic Gold Slate. The natural color and texture are retained when this is used. The water based solvent is ideal here as it penetrates into the pores and disappears. This is used as the enhancing sealer. Before drying the surface looks fresh and wet but comes to the original state when dried. Elbow grease can be added to get the aesthetic property.


Get ideas over brick faux and stone faux

Home renovation can be done gorgeous with excellent designing of faux. Normally two types of faux are quite famous among the homeowners as well as among the interior designers. Here everyone will be eager to know the best type of veneer. Both stone and brick veneers are lightweight and hence this design can easily be installed within such areas which cannot take the load of heavy stones. Here you must be thinking of which type of veneer will look nice after a home renovation.

  • Natural look: The sources of both stone and brick facing are not same. The first one is made from real stone and the second one is molded. The stone type is available in different features. These are created from authentic sandstones, slate, limestone, etc. These are designed in portion and separately arranged in eye catchy sections.

  • Flexibility: any homeowner can surely opt for either stone or brick veneers. But, once they are taking decisions regarding the best style, they should know which one can be more flexible. The stone type is more versatile than that of brick one. It has been noticed that the stone type of is quite flexible in style than that of brick one. These styles are available in various colors and designs. Hence, people can surely select this one for both indoor and outdoor surface designing. These are available in different colors such as brown, cream and rust and there is no doubt that your home will become gorgeous with these styles. Castle Earth, Safari Gold, Laguna Gray, etc are some exclusive styles which will make your residence just spellbound. The stiffness of rock will keep the surface scratch free and durable.  Again, in a case of designing the surface with brick, then you will not get enough sturdiness as the stone one. This style is made of clay and cement. Hence, this will not provide enough water proofing technology since the substance is porous.

  • Durability: Regarding durability too, you can notice a huge difference between stone and brick veneering style. The hardiness has made the first one more durable than that of the second one. Again, the installers also need to place a proper drainage system so that water cannot be absorbed by the surfaces.

Well, to get the necessary details about different types of veneering, it is always suggested to take necessary suggestions from the professionals. Once the homeowners get the suggestions regarding the best style for surfacing, they can start the work of home renovation.

Glass Tiles Makes The Whole Place Trendy

The look of the kitchen changes completely by adding glass tiles. Whether the color is neutral, mute or bold colored tile they give a unique perfection to the kitchen. These tiles are made brilliant by passing through fire. It is better to give a good touch to the kitchen by selecting a perfect color, design and pattern. There are many designers and builders switching to glass tiles to give the space a rich look. Here are some of the ways to decorate the walls of your kitchen.

If you want a modern look then choose Mochachino Hexagon Mosaic. These mosaics are elongated hexagons with gold and gray colors. As the tiles reflect the colors of cabinets and countertops also gets reflected. These tiles have unique shape and look gorgeous in modern or classic kitchens.

Neutral Or Bold Colors

To make the kitchen more bright use Ice Glass Subway tiles.  They are soft white colored which reflects the light to make more bright space. If the other colors in the kitchen are neutral then whole space looks elegant. The white color of the tiles is neutral and gives a beautiful background.

If bold colors are liked then go for Desert Mirage Subway Tile. These glass stones are made of cream colored natural stone. They have dark brown, light blue and beige colors incorporated into it. The placements and mixed materials give a different depth. The vintage colors give more definition of your taste. The dark colors in between are highlighted by the light colors in between.

Traditional Or Trendy

To be fashionable and yet traditional go for Monterra Blend Hexagon Mosaic. This is a mixture of natural stone with glass tile. It is having taupes, beiges, creams, grays and greens. If the colors are installed randomly, they give a life to the neutral colored kitchen. The reflection of light makes the place more colorful. The colors are not very bright and the whole décor looks trendy.

If you want a uniform look then go for Metallic Gray Subway Tiles. These monochrome tiles can be defined with a contrast colored grout. The grout color can be chosen matching to the cabinet or countertop.


Though the space of kitchen is small these backsplash tiles help in making it look spacious. The color gives a bold look at the back and attracts the onlooker’s attention. It is better to look into the colors of the tiles personally to be more precise in selection.

Which marble floor tile finish do you find the most attractive?

If you are thinking along the lines of lavish natural stone floors, what better choice than the grand vision of marble? Yet the marble feelings and nebulous beauty may differ according to the choice of finishing. Get to know the four different marble finishes and their pros and cons.

The Polished Finishing

Featured: Crema Cappuccino Marble

The most common polished finish has its great beauty with a protective surface. It is easy to take care of and remains cool after the polishing. Install the formal polished marble in areas with low traffic like an entryway. The problem is that scratches are visible on polished surfaces. Wet areas will make it slippery and make sure that spills are cleaned up quickly to avoid etching.

A Honed Finishing

Featured: Arabescato Carrara Marble

The honed look brings a traditional appearance for marble tiles. It would suit crowded areas and reflects a less formal ambiance with subdued colors. Yet, scratches and spills will not be a problem because of the result of abrasives. A velvet feel is achieved with bits of the marble removed. But you need to seal the honed marble regularly because it is porous.

The Tumbled Finishing

Featured: Ocean Blue Marble

If you fancy a more faded look than the honed surface, the tumbled finish appears rustic. This tumbled appearance results from a rubber drum where the marble is treated with sand, rocks, and water. The effect is cracking, chipping and rough edges. The soft surface thus created creates room settings with a faded look. It has a good grip and suits bathrooms.

A Brushed Finishing

Featured: Crema Marfil Marble

If you fancy an effect of the marble having been installed many years ago, the brushed finish is the answer.  The ancient look is achieved by brushing to achieve the right texture. This porous surface would require regular sealing in order to prevent stains. Sweeping or vacuuming would get rid of the dust that accumulates in the cracks.

While each of the four finishes has its dedicated followers, consider your personal preferences and understand the advantages and problems. We may be in love with particular varieties of marble but think of the long term maintenance issues. Perhaps our list of marble varieties in several finishes would help make the decisions. The range of marble from around the world is truly spectacular, from Italy, China, Turkey, and India! Check them out.