Choose The Best Tiles For A Cozy Fireplace

Fireplace in the house is according to the choice of the homeowner. Some prefer it to be in the living room and some in the master bedroom. Many look alike, but using a unique type of tile will make it look different. There are tiles which match with the background and there are contrast colors also. The value of the house increases definitely by remodeling the fireplace. This is the focus point of any living area. It is better to have a pristine looking fireplace with some stylish tiles. The surround, backdrop and hearth of the fireplace have to be installed to give the best look.


Ceramic Tiles: These tiles can be used for the surround or hearth. There are many colors available and it is within the budget. These tiles are used for a plain looking fireplace. PEI rating of the tile should be 4 to 5 for using it for the hearth. These tiles are tough to tolerate the heat.

Porcelain Tiles: These tiles are expensive and more durable than the ceramic tiles. There are tiles which look like natural stone and wood in these tiles. They are tough as stone and are affordable. It is necessary to take the PEI rating 4to 5 for using it for the fireplace.


Granite: This is natural stone, scratch and heat resistant. In natural stone, granite is the strongest for a fireplace. It does not chip or crack and makes the best surround. It is easy to maintain this stone. It gives a special look for the place when installed.

tuscany walnut

Marble: They give a luxurious look to the place. It is more appealing with its variety of colors and elegant veins. It is best for both hearth and surrounds.

Slate: Though this natural stone is not as durable as granite, it is popular for its natural variation of color. The varying texture and color give more beauty to the place where it is installed. There are colors like gray, purple, orange and black in slate. They look natural for hearths and surrounds with their elegant color.

Antique tiles: Antique tiles define the fireplace. They are reproductions of the antique tiles. The designs are hand painted, hand-made and some are popular motifs. These tiles are completely different from the tiles available in the market.

The hearth and the surround tiles are the smartest option for any house. This adds to the beauty and keeps the family safe.



White has become all time favorite color in tiles

In last few years white color has become out from trend. But with the change in trend and favor it has return to main stream with cotton-hued neutral. Now it has become difficult to imagine life without this clean, ivory and fresh classic? White has arrived in different styles and shades from the milky hued modern farmhouse to white palette of classy living room, it is difficult to believe but this is true these 50 shades of classy color provide on trend and old school sophisticated and relaxed to offer us the ideal thought about any fashionable design.


It is easy decorating interior of house with the light shades and few tips are mentioned here to save your time and efforts.

  • Add new texture in neutral regions

White is appears to be exceptionally good in the areas where neutral colors were never been in choice. Adding white in kitchen makes your look complete. This Travertine flooring is the most natural and fabulous combination which appears to be very clean and fresh when is first displayed to anyone. One can use Arctic White Split face Stacked Stone in this context as well.


  • Quality is essential

If you are trying to create a chef’s style kitchen in your home it is essential to use quality product. Since it is wider known fact that light color reflect more light in comparison to the dark colors, the raw material and furnishings like White Glimmer granite top , white color marble wall tile, lightening and hardware comes in center of attraction. In such case quality materials like Carrara White Marble, stainless steel for coverage along with chic elements, high shinny surfaces like porcelain tiles to provide bathroom and kitchen a classy look.

  • Choose light shades for small areas

In shade of pale colors the small bathroom and kitchen will create an illusion of being spacious. When small spaces are fixing with Tuscany Ivory it will provide more refreshed, cleaner and larger look but it doesn’t mean that every area must be color with white.

  • Rule of white over open- floor plan

Have you thought about open floor plans? Here is the solution use white walls in combination in continues surface style flooring in order to unite the complete flow of diverse areas in your house. This singular backdrop also assist different pieces coexist flawlessly while providing artwork and furnishing a greater importance.

  • Put your vision on test

Do you have vision in pale color especially white? Along with the right set of tools you can put bathroom and kitchen ideas on trail by matching and mixing your countertops, cabinets, and backsplashes and floor tiles. Visualizer tool take this load on itself and take your focus on your selected look in bathroom and kitchen setting. Want some help? Take help of these comfy gadgets, they are of great help.

What to Consider about when Planning Outdoor Patio Surfaces

For some house owners, amazing at-home convenience is definitely on their “must-have” list. But, if your house doesn’t include a pretty talk about, the best fire place, or a built-in cooking, you can even make your own outside haven.

While it’s interesting to begin right away, there are a few critical factors you should think about when developing up locations like travertine pavers or flooring surfaces. Here are some suggestions for making an amazing terrace that is safe and efficient and will last for years to come.

tuscany platinum.jpg

Be clear on design and makeover

Whether you use a professional, or set it up yourself, be sure that your terrace plan fits your needs and your financial cost bracket. Spend locations for particular reasons, like an outdoor terrace dining-room for collecting and eating.

Concentrate over the design using one or two recognizable elements

These could include architectural elements such as an occasion event gazebo, or could highlight design, as with a grid-like clay-based floor. Such primary elements will help figure out the circulation of traffic and where to lay floor. In this terrace, the eye is attracted toward the sitting locations by Petra Well done clay-based pavers, set up in a geometrical design.

Overall House Style

Be sure to consider what works well with both the exterior covering and inner kind of your house. Then choose two or three elements with different designs for your landscape to add interest. For example, this outside kitchen area mixes several items in similar shades, such as the amazing and relaxed beiges and lotions of the Tuscany gold travertine flooring surfaces, textural placed rock, and a shiny back spread.


Pick Top quality Products

It’s essential to choose elements that not only indicate your own style, but also are made for the environment and performance. For example, flooring surfaces with low drinking habits price is durable and prevents breaking in awesome circumstances. Clay, travertine, and status floor are all excellent locations for landscapes, and travertine is also an excellent slide proof place for wet locations such as individual personal private pools.

If price is a problem, remember that sometimes, cost-effective items may not last as lengthy. Choosing a less of high-quality flooring surfaces for a more scaled-down venture will look better and last longer than a larger venture done with regular elements. It’s also best to buy more elements than what you currently need.



Current Trends of Quartz and its Usefulness

When the guests walk to the kitchen the main thing they watch is the counter top. If a good stone is used then it is appreciated and the taste of the house owner is recognized. All these days there were marble, sandstone, and granite for the choice of countertops. Now a new stone is in the market and that is the Quartz. Remodeling shows and Television designs, trade magazines, and interior designers are appreciating quartz and they are used by them. Countertops, waterfall islands, and backsplashes are mostly used by the present designers and house owners. There are colors of the rainbow in Quartz countertops, it is durable and easy maintenance is the main attractive factors of this stone.


Types of Quartz Used

The quartz counter tops fit any type of traditional or modern kitchen. Cascade White Quartz has a background of milky white color with gray color veins and flicks. The edges can be finished in many ways. Countertop Edge visualizer gives more options about the array of profiles. This stone can be used in the perimeter and as an island.

Pelican white Quartz gives a clean look with soft tones. It attracts the viewer’s eye with its beauty. Kitchens with white stone are always attractive. Arctic white Quartz matches with the white and natural wood cabinet perfectly.


Prefabricated Quartz and Quartz slabs have resistance to scratching, chipping and etching. This stone is perfect for meal preparation, arts and crafts and entertainment purposes. 

There are solid white quartz countertops and natural stone-look quartz. White and gray marble is also available in the market which needs maintenance to keep the surface shiny.

But in Quartz countertops sealing is not necessary for getting the shine, luster, and durability. Calacatta Classique Quartz is perfect for Waterfall Island or countertops. Here maintenance is not required but the natural look is maintained.

Quartz Is Preferred

There are no pores in quartz and thus is one of the hygienic surfaces available in the market for the kitchen and bathroom. The surface is smooth and does not allow the growth of bacteria. Gray Lagoon Quartz is the best for kitchen, living room and dining room. It matches with the contemporary design.

Maintenance of quartz is very easy. A mild soap, water, and a sponge are enough to give a shiny surface.

Quartz is maintenance free, durable, beautiful and easier to clean. Virtual Kitchen Designer has many options for the dream kitchen. It explores the quartz options and backsplash options.