If bathroom upgrade ideas are floating through the mind…

Besides the basic washing and bathing functions, the bathroom could contain so much more. Comfort and luxury may sometimes be necessary to unwind during stressful days amidst all the professional competition.


A sitting area could be incorporated in a corner to rest during the hectic sessions. A rug helps to escape the damp floor and feel snug. Light, color and glam factors are needed in that intimate space too, and a chandelier would scatter dainty light.

If it is dullness, a coat of bright orange or blue paint could make a difference. Alternatively, a skylight or window would brighten things up. Sky windows that can be operated bring light and ventilation too. A nice view and ample space would work like magic.


The shower and the bathtub are crucial. An energizing experience is what everybody seeks and dual showerheads and handheld ones deliver just that. Go for the wall-mounted showerheads that can be adjusted according to heights.

Going a step higher, get a spa experience in a shower enclosure. A steam generator outside the shower does the trick. Decide the size in consultation with the supplier. A vapor barrier would be necessary and tightly sealing doors.

Alternatively, a whirlpool tub with those little jets caressing the body! Yet the roomy tub generates water and power bills too. Consider an under the floor heater and heated bars to hang towels on.



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