Grout Cleaner Used For Stubborn Stains on tiled floor

Ceramic tiles look charismatic only when it is well maintained. These tiles are strong and have more durability.  To make these tiles look attractive and shiny, it is better to clean it regularly. If there are any spills or stains, it is recommended to clean it instantly. If the spillage is left for a long time it flows to the grout in between the tiles and the color changes.


It is always recommended to have a schedule for maintenance. If the dirt is left for a long time then it will tough to clean. There are many tile and grout cleaners in the market. It is better to choose the best one for ceramic tiles.

Nature of Ceramic tiles:


  • Ceramic tiles are easy to Maintain.
  • Use a mild grout and tile cleaner.
  • The type of water in the region has to be observed to choose the cleaner. If the water is hard then it is better to get a cleaner which gives more lather.
  • On bathroom tiles, water can be poured and scrubbed with a sponge for extensive cleaning.
  • Harsh chemicals may peel off the surface of ceramic tiles.
  • Do not leave the cleaners on the tile for a longer time. It may fade the color of the surface.

To maintain the house cleaning is one of the important aspects to keep the house looking gorgeous always. These tips will be helpful for you to maintain the house in the right direction.


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