Cotto Look Porcelain Are Replica of Terracotta Tiles

Terra cotta tiles are basically made out of clay. Cotto look porcelain gives the same look just like terra cotta tiles.  The people who are used to the looks of the old terracotta are satisfied with these tiles. The natural reddish brown color is got on porcelain and they are robust. These tiles can be used anywhere in the house as it is made out of porcelain. The non-porous material makes it perfect for backsplashes in kitchen and bathroom. They are available in many shapes, sizes, and textures. There are matte and glossy finishes according to the taste of the customer.

The colors of the terra cotta tiles are not even. Similarly, the color of these tiles is also having shades on the surface. These dark and light shades on the surface give the special look. The workers hired for installing these tiles have to be experienced as they have to match the tiles to get the perfect look. If the tiles are not installed according to shades, the whole flooring looks will be spoilt. There are many types of colors in Cotto tiles. The customer can go online or visit any store to select.  There are special tiles with border designs also to give a glamorous look

Different sizes of stones give different look. For bigger places, it is better to use bigger tiles. For smaller places, smaller tiles are used. Rectangular or square are the main geometric shapes used by the customers. Mostly climatic changes do not affect these tiles. Matte finish cotto look porcelain gives the natural terracotta tile looks. Contrasting and matching the looks gives the best look to the floor or wall. For those who do not like the natural color of the terracotta tiles, there are manufacturers who sell other colors too.

The size, shape, shades and color differentiates these tiles from normal tiles. The texture is also made such that it looks like terra cotta tile. When used in commercial places like cottages, people like it. They give a traditional look and are also classical. Even modern places who like terracotta tiles are thinking of Cotto look porcelain as it is affordable and maintenance is definitely easier. For the patio, balcony, walkways and anywhere in the house these tiles can be used. For more traffic places like kitchen and bathroom, these can be used as it is non-porous. If damaged, these tiles can be replaced easily.



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