White Oak Marble Looks Exotic As Decor

White oak marble as the name says has all the grains on the marble just like oak wood. There is a mesh at the back for easy installation. This is a natural stone and can be used for flooring and backsplashes. This stone is white or gray in color. There are many designs, sizes, and patterns available in the market to suit any type of interiors. Many people prefer natural things at home and thus this marble has good demand. When mixed and installed with other color marble these tiles look exotic. The flooring looks likes silk to look and feel.  

The color is white and so the maintenance has to be good. White finishing gives an elegant and extravagance look for the interior. The commercial building with white oak marble is very attractive. This stone can be selected where there is not much wear and tear as the stains and scratches may be tedious to get rid of. White oak marble gives a rich look to the decor. They can be used as exteriors but maintenance may be too expensive. In bathroom and kitchen, they are used as backsplashes. The flooring, walls, and countertops look lavish when this stone is installed.


Get An Extraordinary Look With Herringbone Mosaic

Herring fish has the bones in the shape of `V`. This pattern is followed in many of the decors. The furniture or tiles follow this pattern to give an astonishing look. The herringbone mosaics are made from many materials. Steel tiles are also available with this pattern. These tiles can be put in the middle and decorate the borders to give a designer look. The glossy and matte finish gives an extraordinary look. The tile designers give light and dark shades to give glitzy effect. It can be used for residential or commercial places. There is a calm atmosphere around when this pattern is used.

 Herringbone mosaic gives a marvelous look with different colors. Putting contrast colors makes the flooring or wall decorative. Ceramic, porcelain, marble or granite has this pattern. The pattern looks weaved together and the `V` shapes are placed closely under each other. The bone or the herring fish without the middle vertical line forms this design. The backsplashes of kitchen and bathroom use this pattern to give more décor. If a small part of the wall is having this pattern, this whole part is highlighted. The colors are chosen according to the customers taste. Dark colors or light colors, the looks of this pattern are completely different from other tiles.



Interlocking Mosaics Gives The Best Decor

As the name interlocking mosaics tells these tiles are held together by interlocking. They are just like the jigsaw puzzle where the pieces are held just by pressure and are locked. There are different shapes, sizes, colors and materials available in the market. They are installed just like any other tile on the mortar or adhesive. They are fixed on the ground and also on their sides. Normally there is no filling between the two tiles are they are interlocked. They can be best for the driveways and walkways. Mostly the tiles used for paving are thick and can tolerate the weight of the moving vehicles.

If there is more traffic, interlocking mosaics is the best solution. The tiles and their edges have to be cleaned regularly to keep it neat. There are different shapes available in the market. It is better to hire professionals to install these tiles. Mixing colors in these patterns gives an exclusive look. They are installed on the floor or walls. Residences and commercial places get a good décor with these tiles installed. The value of the place increases when they are used. They are long-lasting and affordable. The ambiance of the place changes when they are used on the floor or wall.

The sight, touch and feel of travertine tile creations truly amazes

One can never finish appreciating natural stone creations in all their infinite variety. The rustic touch has graced many a home. The tuscany travertine collection is harvested from faraway Turkey. The soothing shades are a variety of golds, beiges, and creams. The colors blend together in the most enigmatic formations. Build an eternal environment to set off the residence or business surroundings. Created by nature within the earthly womb, nothing synthetic could truly match them.

An amazing Tuscany Collection!

The French Versailles Pattern and Listellos are available. Floor tiles, pavers, and pool copings ensure that any size or purpose would be accommodated. Finishing makes a great difference and honed, brushed and tumbled varieties are available.

Some darker and more ornamental shades are represented by Chiaro Pencil Honed, Tuscany Scabas Subway Tumbled, and Tuscany Gold. Customers who prefer the lighter versions could opt for Tuscany Classic Subway Tumbled and Tuscany Walnut. Several varieties of shades within each type make them truly ornamental with a country feel. A soothing atmosphere is the result amidst the goodness of nature and the peace of the village setting. A tuscany travertine setting is truly a piece of heaven upon earth.



Cotto Look Porcelain Are Replica of Terracotta Tiles

Terra cotta tiles are basically made out of clay. Cotto look porcelain gives the same look just like terra cotta tiles.  The people who are used to the looks of the old terracotta are satisfied with these tiles. The natural reddish brown color is got on porcelain and they are robust. These tiles can be used anywhere in the house as it is made out of porcelain. The non-porous material makes it perfect for backsplashes in kitchen and bathroom. They are available in many shapes, sizes, and textures. There are matte and glossy finishes according to the taste of the customer.

The colors of the terra cotta tiles are not even. Similarly, the color of these tiles is also having shades on the surface. These dark and light shades on the surface give the special look. The workers hired for installing these tiles have to be experienced as they have to match the tiles to get the perfect look. If the tiles are not installed according to shades, the whole flooring looks will be spoilt. There are many types of colors in Cotto tiles. The customer can go online or visit any store to select.  There are special tiles with border designs also to give a glamorous look

Different sizes of stones give different look. For bigger places, it is better to use bigger tiles. For smaller places, smaller tiles are used. Rectangular or square are the main geometric shapes used by the customers. Mostly climatic changes do not affect these tiles. Matte finish cotto look porcelain gives the natural terracotta tile looks. Contrasting and matching the looks gives the best look to the floor or wall. For those who do not like the natural color of the terracotta tiles, there are manufacturers who sell other colors too.

The size, shape, shades and color differentiates these tiles from normal tiles. The texture is also made such that it looks like terra cotta tile. When used in commercial places like cottages, people like it. They give a traditional look and are also classical. Even modern places who like terracotta tiles are thinking of Cotto look porcelain as it is affordable and maintenance is definitely easier. For the patio, balcony, walkways and anywhere in the house these tiles can be used. For more traffic places like kitchen and bathroom, these can be used as it is non-porous. If damaged, these tiles can be replaced easily.


Marble For Bathroom Is The best Choice

Marble is a natural stone which is found in the earth crust. The main composition of this stone is limestone. It can be used at any part of the house. It adds an aesthetic effect to the house. Flooring and walls look good with it. The people interested in good interiors use it to the kitchen and bathrooms. It is best for fewer traffic areas. Normally commercial buildings do not use marble for bathroom as it may prove to be costly and is hard to maintain. It is porous and catches stains faster. It is better to wash off the stains as soon as it is caused.

Tumbled and honed marble are the varieties used for the bathroom. Marble for bathroom has to be polished after installing. A shining surface gives the best visual effect. It has to be washed regularly with soft detergents. The stains have to be scrubbed, if left for a long time the stone absorbs it. During summer also this stone is cool and gives a soothing effect to the house. As it is natural many eco-friendly lovers use this stone for interiors. An elegant look to the bathroom is got naturally by this. If sealed properly it is the best backsplash tile.

Marble Mosaics For Living Room Is The Best Choice

People are choosing eco-friendly products these days. When it comes to renovating or building a new house also they choose natural products. Marble mosaics for living room is chosen by many house owners. Marble is a natural stone which comes in the shade of white and has light color designs on it. They are quarried and cut into shapes. This stone keeps the place cool. Many people living in the tropical countries like to use it. This keeps the place cool and thus preferred for the living room. It can be used to any part of the house but has to be maintained well.

They are robust and durable. These tiles are good for many years if maintained properly. Marble not get scratches easily and so can be used in the traffic areas also. The colors of marble mosaics for living room come in cool colors which add décor to the room. They are used for cladding the walls also. They tolerate a lot of humidity and can be sued for bathrooms and kitchen too. A little scrub for stains and regular cleaning will make the tile look new. They are durable and can be used for many years.