Distinctive design ideas with translucent onyx slabs – change your approach today

Bigger and better:

The stock of translucent onyx tiles is being more and more on the list. Now, people can get an unbelievable collection of these slabs. It will fit with any kind of house patterns. If your house has a contemporary, rural, urban, vintage or ancient outlook, then you can choose this astonishing category. The natural stone based designs can inspire you’re being from the back of the mind. Often people want to know about decorating a huge hall. This has an answer as well. If you explore the catalog, then you can see some pubs, bars, and other commercial space decoration. The huge slabs with perfect cabinets, tables, and other details are looking extraordinary in those places. This slab is applicable in the guest bathroom, private bathroom, dining room, bedroom and other spaces as well.


  • If you are choosing any of the translucent onyx tiles, then you must follow some tips.
  • Perfect lighting is the basic criterion of this tile decoration.
  • Modern LED lights look better.
  • You can create backlit with the LED lights. This backlit idea would create more empathy indeed.
  • Some mirror would look phenomenon on this tile.
  • You can create a perfect Jacuzzi surrounding with these marbles and some flower vases at the corners.
  • The tiles can set a low maintenance backsplash for kitchens as well.

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