The Golden White marble tile fantasy never really ends

When we specify Golden White, we refer to the most awesome marble tiles that encompass a vast spectrum of shades of golds and whites, grays and browns, besides several blends that look as exotic as regal. Marble has traditionally been associated down the centuries with the construction of mighty palaces and mansions, churches and temples. Besides, natural stone inspires with strength and durability and writes messages  almost for forever. Withstanding any kind of climatic condition, stone guarantees a lifetime of rock-like solidity in the face of changing scenarios.


Besides strength, we desire beauty too, and what could be more attractive than the quaintness of ethereal marble, the stuff of dreams. Would you install it in the home or office? The royal touch graces your existence and promotes pleasant dreams. Besides, not all of the selection carry prohibitive price tags. The budget often takes the decisions and here the prices range between $5 and $15 per sqft. Lots of choices ensure that something would strike the fancy, no matter what the inclinations. Metal blends with Golden White may be interesting. Pavers, bricks, corner tiles, mesh interlocking and ledger panels take care of the adjustments.

Some super selections that communicate an intense spiritual aura of dignified magnificence are the Modesto Interlocking Glass and Stone Blend and the Ardensia Mosaic unless you prefer something simpler like the Subway Tumbled and the Brick Tumbled Mosaic. The immense variety does contain eye-catching designs and colors. Modesto and Glacier Green are both fascinating Glass Stone Blends. Go wild with the Mesh Interlocking Pattern Natural Cleft.


Build Gratifying Ambiances With Mystic Pebble Stone Tiles

Shades of natural stone keep haunting us all the time, especially nowadays that everybody is talking about environmental factors like global warming. Getting back to nature at least in spirit and philosophy would go a long way to solve the crisis we are creating with artificiality and excessive technology. The natural whites, grays, and browns with a hint of polished fancy shades are indeed uplifting during those quiet afternoons and the dramatic nights of furious partying. As classic as the mountains and rivers, gifts of God, Pebble Stone creates a semblance of creation in the world around you in the stately residences, plush offices, and business centers.

Where will the fantasy pebble stone really fit in? They usually exist out there in the water and nearby oceans from where they are retrieved. Some are manufactured artificially, though, like from marble or other colored rocks, but look quite like the natural thing. The polishing, tumbling, interlocking process results in ever new configurations. They keep the clients charmed through the events in the town with surroundings that faithfully copy what it feels like under the distant stars at the riverside, deep in the forest of remoteness.

Whether on floors and pathways, indoors and out, accent walls and backsplashes, in cozy patios during freezing evenings, Pebble Stone makes a mark everywhere, bringing the robust nature feel of the elements for a touch of insightful spiritual energy and a profound luxury that is not really man-made. Perhaps they could form shower bases or decorate the swimming pool or goldfish pond to keep the kids humored. Create a tender oasis for thoughts to rest in the residence after the turbulence of work, study and play are done for the day.

Business centers do make ample use of such natural ambiances to create an exotic impact like in the zoological gardens where imitations of nature are directly in keeping with the theme.  Fountains and ponds use them all the time. What could look or feel more natural? Look around at the atriums and lounges of mighty shopping malls. You would probably find such glittering pebbles in many intimate corners. Pick the colors, shapes and sizes that the family or office finds most appealing, small or large, polished or rough surfaces, and colors that represent the limits of imagination in blues and greens to match with prevailing moods.

Will it be a combination of shades and sizes like Mountain Gray Flat Polished Pebbles? Charcoal Flat Interlocking Polished Pebbles are unique too in a single shade. Snowflake Natural, White Carrara Tumbled and Black Marble Pebbles Tumbled Pattern are all equally alluring. What matters is the choice of the individual, family or office group. The Rainforest and the Autumn Gold, the Redwood, and the Obsidian, all have an innate natural charm that would leave the viewer floored for a moment. The range costs about $10 per square foot.

Splendid MULTI CLASSIC SLATE graces homes and offices everywhere

Considering the cost-effectiveness and the gifts of esthetics, durability and power of natural stone, you should seriously consider an investment in MULTI CLASSIC SLATE. Some worthy specimens that deserve thousands of eyeballs each day in hotels and airports are Multi Classic Slate Tumbled, Multi Classic Gauged and Multi Classic Tumbled in two sizes (2X2, 4X4). Discounted prices could not have been cheaper, ranging from $3.50 to $5.50 per square foot! Affordable slate presents the many advantages of natural stone besides the classic, rugged look, rustic as some people see it. Strangely enough, many highflying contemporary establishments go in for that rustic appeal. Back to nature seems to be the philosophy after all, with warnings that we can yet save ourselves by borrowing what our primitive cousins did.


An Indian import that carries all the mystery and the romance of faraway Asia travels a great deal before it reaches your home or office. Meanwhile, our experts have been working on it a great deal, refining what nature wrought and putting them in a pleasing shape and form. Finishing for instance matters so much and customers are offered a choice of gauged, meshed and tumbled. Make sure you do understand such terms that refer to the surface appearance.

The slate with its immense innate toughness would suit heavy-duty installations like in kitchens and bathrooms as backsplashes. They would fit into commercial establishments that need to tolerate a lot of wear and tear. Floors and walls, even roofs and pillars, inside and out, all are appropriate locations for MULTI CLASSIC SLATE!

We have not considered the aesthetic aspect. Colors are many and they include a range of rusts and reds, creams, grays and blacks. You do not find them in plain shades, of course, since they are natural stone and those faint lines and fading images lend a mystic charm that can hardly be equaled. Certain it is that the environment would experience the zenith of fantasy and colors and shapes beyond the imagination would mesmerize people. Warm up the senses of the family members and guests, or thousands of clients with an Indian vision of paradise.

Something essentially blessed by nature reaches us through infinite loving processing in the service of the industry. As technology excels, these lovely tiles bear the imprint of research and analysis and processes that beautify. The mosaics we have put together truly deserve to be called pieces of art. Say ‘Yes’ to MULTI CLASSIC SLATE.

Cotto Look Porcelain’s Terracotta Design is Exotic and Elegant

The modern markets are booming with the floor décor substances. There are many new inclusions in the same. The modern floors are to be decked with the natural stones. This stuff is not just for fashion but also a necessity as they reflect the light amply to make the room look spacious.

The Cotto Look Porcelain is the most up-to-date insertion in the tile business. The traditional terracotta was a famed thing used to make the house walls of the past days. The feeling of the past nostalgia is instilled through the use of this stuff.  They are the blend in perfect quantities. There are two exotic stuffs namely the ceramic and the terracotta. In the past days the terracotta and the ceramics were separately used to make buildings. The historical palaces and forts of the past were made from the terracotta. Thus the use of the same in the modern days make the floor attains the past look. They are installed in bars, offices, homes, restaurants, hotels and many other places.

The range of the tiles is large. Canella, bull nose, ivory brick, the canella talc, the red brick, clay matte, slit matte and the slit glazed are some of the most famed stuff. They are availed in many colors. There are the honed, glossy and the matte finish tiles.

These are long lasting and can withstand a lot of pressure. They can be easily washed and thus they look lustrous and divine for a long time. This versatile stuff is found in many online stores of the modern times.

Have the extra Large Format Tiles to Have a Glimpse of The Past

There can be the condition when the smaller sections of the tiles are not in the choice of the home manager. The tiles are the products which have become a mandatory substance of modern flooring and walling. The extra Large Format tiles have made the selection of tiles for the floors easy. These are the large section tiles which are used to cover a larger surface area. They are very well equipped for the floors and render the rooms with a spacey appearance. They last for a long time and can withstand a lot of atrocities hurled at them. The stain resistance and easily cleaned properties make it one of the choicest products in the flooring market.

Why buy the tiles and extra Large Format tiles?

As already described the extra large format gives a great appearance of spacey feel to the room. Besides, they are cheap. A result of which there is always a super optimization and utilization of the investment which is made. They last for a long time and all the years they shall be as glossy as they were on the first day. These tiles also shall fill the rooms with the glow of the past as the ancient mansions were also built with the tiles which were large in format. Thus, the modern annexure of the past traditions is just like icing the cake.

Types of the tiles

There are many kinds of the extra large format natural stone tiles. These can be used for the floors and walls among the most desired of the extra large format natural stone tiles are Stone-Look porcelain, Wood-look porcelain, Concrete-look porcelain, metallic look tiles and many more. There are many colors in which they are found, the most common are the beige, grey, ash, white, crème and so on. Thus, there is always a hoard of stuff to select from. The standard measurements of the tiles are 18×36 inches, 16×24 inches, 24×24 inches and 16×32 inches. The mixture of the textures makes them great too.

They can be set in different patterns and the most common yet best is the horizontal pattern. This makes the tiles attain the best usage. Call in the requisite personnel and set this stuff in homes.

There are many online portals which sell these tiles. The rates here are cheap. Search for the most trusted incorporation and buy the best tiles.